Off Season Timewaster #2: Music

Name your top 2 albums/CDs.

I’ll go first:

  1. Sketches of Spain (Miles Davis)

  2. Kind of Blue (Miles Davis)

This is a really tough one to choose just two.

“You must believe in spring” Bill Evans

“Kind of Blue” Miles Davis

Also in the running:

“Stone Flower” Antonio Carlos Jobim

“Getz Gilberto”

live at the greek - neil diamond

best of the guess who

best of ccr

imperials live 1973

celtic thunder - first show.

Led Zepplin IV

U2 Joshua Tree

The Lamb lies down on Broadway - Genesis
The White Album - Beatles

Blood on the Tracks-Dylan
In the Wee Small Hours-Sinatra ( I’ve just recently started listening to him actually but he’s taken over a lot of my recent music listening )

Well, everyman, if Sinatra’s to your taste, check this out:

It’s unbeatable. . . from the timing to the phrasing to the diction to the holding of a note to the power at the end. . . for my money there’s never been a male vocalist to match him.

Wow. That’s a man totally at the top of his game hey?
I’ve also done a bit of a retrospective of his acting. He was pretty solid there too. Really enjoyed “The Detective”.
Was also fun to see Frank and the boys in the original Oceans 11. Best the PC police doesn’t get ahold of that one!

I’ll say !

Welcome :slight_smile:

He won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for playing Maggio in From Here to Eternity. Well deserved.

The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging - brings back memories; Genesis in Winnipeg circa 1974-75, Phil Collins working on a 20 foot high drum kit. Great progressive rock/alt. rock band that kinda hit skids when Gabriel left to go solo.

Other obscure but highly rated albums from my collection:

  1. The Coasters, self-titled 1957 debut album - much of its production sound like late 90s, early 2000s, amazing. Best cut - “Down Mexico Way”

  2. John Kongos - Tokoloshe Man, 1971 - you just have to hear it once, you might be hooked for life.

A Twisted Sister Christmas
I always blast this at Christmastime, because it is my favourite type of music, high energy and great music
Dreamboat Annie
Only because of Ann Wilson’s voice

Hey Lyle, who is that in your new avatar?

I always preferred Dean and Sammi.

as for My Way, Elvis rules

Vincebus Eruptum- Blue Cheer. Bought this album in 68 and 50 years later still listen to it, although not as loud as I used to.
2400 Fulton Street- Jefferson Airplane. My favorite San Francisco band. This one’s got most of their best music.

Pop - U2

Day for Night - Tragically Hip