Off Season Timewaster #2; Failed Heroes

Try this:

PIck one or two players from your favourite team's history, who you thought were going to be stars in the CFL, but for whatever reason it just didn't pan out, because the guy either turned out to be a total bust, or suffered an injury, or for whatever reason. But it has to be someone who you originally thought was going to be a good one. As examples, many Bomber fans at one point couldn't wait for Tee Martin to start at QB (and then once they saw him play couldn't wait for someone, anyone else), and many Cat fans were the same about Timmy Chang. So that's the kind of thing.

I"ll go first, with two from the Als:

  1. Danny Houston, running back. . . came with lots of fanfare in 1969, started in his first game, got something like 3 carries for a grand total of 4 yards, blew his knee out and never returned.

  2. Stanley Jackson, QB. . . I think I still have my Stanley Jackson Fan Club President card somewhere. . . left the Als for Toronto, won the starter's job in training camp, first quarter of first game as their starter, blew his knee out. . .resurfaced the following season as #3 in Winnipeg, and never heard from since. . .

andre ware

Bill Olds RB; played in the NFL in the late 70's (most recent Seahawks I think) = blew his knee out in 1978/or 79 in Lions TC.
Edit: back then I followed the B.C. Lions - before that Calgary.

In recent history for the 'Cats it HAS to be.... Jesse Lumsden.

Timm Rosenbach
Vince Ferragamo

the second coming of fernandez, sigh

Marc Boerichter, part two

i always thought spergeon wynn would amount to something.
i remember seeing him at a damon allen QB challenge and thought he was the future QB for the argos.

i also thought casey printers had alot to offer.

its a crying shame about jesse lumsden's shoulder. he could have been the best to ever play in the CFL at RB, IMO.
he created alot of buzz in hamilton when he was signed by the ticats in 2005. i remember alot of people at school talking about him.

I second spergeon wynn. really disappointed when he disappeared.

....Stefan LeFors comes to mind..... QBS.Lemon and Leak also have now departed without much fanfare along with Cody Pickett.....Printers has to be the biggest bust however :roll:

major harris

i, too, saw potential in chris leak.

Anthony Davis of the 1976 Argos. He was a Heisman winner or maybe a runner up, but he was the next great thing that was suppose to lead the Argos to the promised land. He was run out of town after a season.

Henry Burris when he came back to the Riders from the NFL.

I wasn't a fan of him during the first go-around. I always thought he had a million-dollar arm and a five-cent head, but he came back to so much hype, it was hard not to believe. Then he arrived as the same interception factory that he was when he left. I actually preferred Nealon Greene to Burris at the time. Yes, he eventually developed into a good QB, but not until LONG after he left for Calgary.

I'm a third guy who saw the potential and who did watch him play on TV and win for much of his four years at Florida.

Too short for the NFL but with a solid arm and some mobility behind the LOS in college, I figured Leak would do alright up there with the game a bit more open. Maybe the stupid "college boy" crap cursed him for good.

?????????? Don't tell me you were also in whatever picture Greene had of Barret and Shivers, that they wanted to keep so private. :lol: :lol:

Nope. Just hated Burris' play that much. I never said that Greene was my first choice, just that I liked him better than Burris at the time.

As an aside, and a bit off topic, if you look back on my posts, I have never had anything nice to say about Shivers, ever. Barrett was at least a nice guy, but sucked bad as a coach.

Charlie Taffe in Hamilton and Greg Marshall in Saskatchewan as far as coaches go.

add Paopao

Quinton Porter, Sandro DeAngelis and De'Andra Cobb come to mind.