Off Season Timewaster #1

Here is the scenario. Some brilliant person has invented a time machine.

It allows you go back in time to witness historical events.

It only allows you to witness the event; it does not allow you to participate in any way, you cannot do anything at all to actually change history (that may be in a later timewaster I’ll post).

It does not allow you to go forward in time.

You have the use of this time machine to go back in time to witness three events.

Pick three historical events you would choose. I"ll go first.

  1. I’d be at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, to see the Japanese attack go down. If possible, I’d like to be in about 15 different places all at the same time. . .

  2. I’d be on the balcony of the Casa Rosada in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 17 October 1945, as Juan Peron makes his triumphal return to power in front of a crowd of thousands of celebrating people.

  3. April 1241 A.D. I’d be in eastern Europe to witness a two-part battle. On 9 April I’d be at Leignitz in what is now Poland, to witness one part of Batu Khan’s Mongol army, led by Baidar and Kadan, defeat the Teutonic Knights, and then on 11 April I’d be at Mohi, on the banks of the Sayo River in what is now Hungary, to watch the other (larger) part of the Mongol army, led by the incomparable Subedei, defeat the Hungarians under King Bela IV.

What three events would you choose?

The beginning of life on earth

The sermons and miracles performed by Christ

Moses parting the Red sea.

  1. October 26th 1881 Old West; to witness the gun fight at the O.K. Corral [Wyatt Earp] in Tombstone Arizona.
  2. June 6th 1944 World War 2; to witness the Normandy Landings that took place in France and what went down.
  3. 55-52 BC Ancient Rome; era of Julius Ceasar] to watch the process in building the Theatre of Pompey.
  1. go to the Circle K in San Dimas, CA in 1988
  2. go to Hill Valley, CA November 5, 1955
  3. The Artist formerly known as Prince concert on Dec 31, 1999

These are great guys, keep 'em coming.

Plett, excuse me for being obtuse, but I don't know what your #1 and #2 are. . .

  1. Rufus visits the past via another time machine to help the future founders of Wyld Stallyns
  2. Invention of flux capacitor
  1. Regina SK, Pasqua Hospital, Sept. 4, 1987, +-3:00am
  2. North Vancouver BC, Lions Gate Hospital, June 12, 1990, +- 8:00am
  3. North Vancouver BC, Lions Gate Hospital, April 15, 1992, +- 7:00pm

...I'd like to re-visit the births of our three children

I never parted the Red Sea. The bottom would have been so muddy no one could walk across it. I actually led the Egyptians on a wild goose chase and the Red Sea, and it’s parting, was all just a mirage. :wink:

Touching lol.


...I'd like to re-visit the victories of our three Grey Cup wins

You have a kid exactly a year older then me, kind of cool to think about!

Excellent FYB! :thup:

Super RedandWhite!

  1. Dallas November 22, 1963. By the grassy knoll. Was there another shooter?
  2. July 20, 1969, surface of the moon as Armstrong takes his first step.
  3. The night of Christ's resurrection to see the stone being moved.

"I never parted the Red Sea. The bottom would have been so muddy no one could walk across it. I actually led the Egyptians on a wild goose chase and the Red Sea, and it's parting, was all just a mirage. " dcmoses

Rather strange. I was having the same feeling about watching the Lions play in the Final a few weeks ago, I don't think they really showed up. It must have been a mirage. You didn't have anything to do with that did you dcmose by any chance?

actually, it was BCmoses that did it and part of the miracle was making the ground solid enough for all to pass over. 8) :cowboy:

JFK Assassination is super interesting. It was probably my favorite part of gr 11 history. Obviously a terrible situation but very interesting and thought invoking.

hahahahahahahaha good one :thup:

What a cool thread, and I have all offseason to offer my three moments.

For number 1, yes there were in fact three of them and four shots from what I can tell but that's probably another offseason thread.

That was the last solid president we had with Reagan okay sometimes.

...those are definitely cool

The CEO of Heaven made me sign a non-disclosure agreement. I would tell you, but I have to protect corporate secrets. 8)