Off Season Timewaster #1; Worst Nightmare

Okay. . . let's try this.

Name, for a specific poster in here, his/her worst nightmare. Here are some; I'm sure more creative minds than mine can come up with some good ones:

  1. For RedandWhite, jm02, and assorted other mods:

The return of McMahon as a poster.

  1. For disciplineandpunish:

He receives as a present DVDs of every game played as an Alouette by Ted White and Mark Word; and to make matters worse, his wife forces him to actually watch them.

  1. For papazoola:

Just before training camp, Joe Mack trades Buck Pierce to Hamilton for Kevin Glenn.

  1. For DAN38:

The return as posters of sanjay and housedog.

  1. For ArgoTom (and all Argo fans actually);

Early in the season, Milanovich fires Himebauch as offensive coordinator, and replaces him with Bart Andrus

  1. For stampstamps, stamponthat, paul_pearson, JYLES, Bramletgirl, michael_bishop_2000 and on and on:

He runs out of IP servers and handles to sign in with (and Michael Bishop retires).

  1. For Senior Ah Me:

In training camp, Ricky Santos beats out Adrian McPherson as #2 QB in Montreal.

  1. For Blue Blood:

A blind date with #6 above.

  1. For Chief:

A certain actress with a season in her name gets married (and not to him); inside joke I concede.

  1. For MadJack:

So many people use "then" when they should use "than", and use "receiving core" when they should use "receiving corps", that I actually start doing it myself. . .

That would certainly be a nightmare that I would want to wake up from real fast.

And I think #3 (Pierce for Glenn) would be the nightmare for the majority of Bomber fans.

I’ll add:

  1. For Rider fans,

After Rod Pedersen writes in his blog that Andy Fantuz has agreed to terms to a new contract with the Riders, Fantuz signs elsewhere.

#12 for all members

Mark Cohon steps down as comissioner, Turkeybend takes over, league bankrupt within the week.

...two words:

Kanga Kucha

...H.P. Lovecraft could not come up with something more terrifying

Gee, how did I forget that one ?

Mods - Kanga comes back to gloat about the 2 point convert on TD's in OT.

Red beat me to it. :lol:

That’s not funny!


It wasn’t supposed to be funny! This is a thread about nightmares. . . and by definition, nightmares are not funny.

...IT"S ALIVE!!!!!!

…Don’t forget Kangas preoccupation with getting that franchise in Alaska…

…for Red W. …add the return of redwhite 2005

…for MadJack…Trestman decides to head south and Popp takes over as head coach to take one more shot

GOOD one papa !!

For Chief (and a number of other members):

Everywhere you go (including any basement bars), you see this:

[quote=““Blue Blood””]
For Chief (and a number of other members):

Everywhere you go (including any basement bars), you see this:

One of The top posts of 2011 :rockin:

For all Rider fans. Brenden Taman is signed to a contract extension.


Oh, the cold sweats! It seemed so real…it was HORRIFYING!

You shut up. You shut up right now.

...that which is seen cannot be unseen...

Make it unseen, or I'll post your PM to me of a loooooong time ago, wherein you described the infamous Diapergate... :twisted:

Rider Nightmare #13...wait a second .. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! haha but as for this year it would be Fantuz signing elsewhere and in return Taman signs DJ Flick to fill his roster spot. (Nothing against DJ great player but he's been on the couch for 3 years haha. :?


I’m going to have nightmares all winter.