Off-Season Time Waster: Predict 2012 Standings

I said nothing that remotely looks like an ethnic slur. You came up with that all on your own. Again, the guy thinks he's the boss... And you put words in my mouth. Look up the word respect in the dictionary, because you have no idea what the word means.

Don't you find it funny that a team that attracts 24000 fans to its games, has no more than 10 regular posters on its official CFL forum? You don't think that little forum bullies/bosses like you discourage people from signing up and entering the discussion?

You are like an alley cat who pisses on everything; convinced that you are marking your territory... Just because you piss all over this forum, does not make it yours.

La saison 2011 nous a montré à quel point il est impossible de faire une vraie prédiction dans cette ligue.

Quelques blessures, de nouveaux venus, un nouveau coordinateur et tout le portrait est changé.

Qui aurait dit à cette époque de l'année en 2011 que les Blue Bombers finiraient premiers dans l'Est, à une victoire de finir premiers dans la ligue? Qui aurait dit que les Alouettes se feraient sortir par les Timinous? Qui aurait que les Eskimos auraient été à égalité avec les Stampeders? Qui aurait dit que les Roughriders s'effondreraient?

Bon, alors puisqu'il s'agit de spéculer, spéculons :





Toronto a une assez bonne défensive depuis quelques années, et il n'y a pas lieu de croire qu'elle sera moins bonne sous les ordres de Chris Jones. Leurs unités spéciales demeurent parmi les meilleures de la ligue. Reste donc l'attaque. Celle-ci est manifestement en meilleure position avec Ray au quart, qui retrouve Jason Barnes, avec qui il a développé une certaine complicité, et Maurice Mann avec qui il en avait une avant qu'il ne quitte Edmonton. Ils ont de bons demis en Boyd et Kackert. Reste la ligne offensive qui demeure le noeud de leurs succès, ou de leurs insuccès. C'est une ligne entièrement reconstituée. Elle compte sa part de vétérans en Wayne Smith et Andrew Jones, un jeune qui prend du galon avec Jonathan St-Pierre, mais Smith et McKenzie sont de parfaits inconnus. Je crois que d'autres joueurs de ligne offensive vont s'ajouter dans les prochaines semaines. Leur attaque devrait tout de même être passablement améliorée et aucun entraîneur-chef ne connaît mieux le système des Alouettes que Scott Milanovitch.

J'ai mis les Alouettes en deuxième, parce que quand je les place en premier, ils finissent en deuxième, et vice versa. C'est donc par solidarité avec leurs supporteurs que je ne leur jette pas la guigne dessus cette saison. Si le pire arrive, on me reprochera d'avoir eu raison, et c'aura été la dernière fois que je fais ce genre de prédiction avant la 13ième semaine!

Je ne crois pas que les Blue Bombers soient aussi diminués qu'on veut bien le croire. Leur défensive a en pris un coup, mais leur attaque peut faire mieux qu'elle ne l'a fait en 2011. Certes, Pierce demeure un point d'interrogation, mais on ne doit pas taler là-dessus pour faire des prédictions, n'est-ce pas? Je crois que Burke, qui est probablement le meilleur coordinateur de défensive de la ligue, saura bâtir une défensive efficace encore en 2012.

Je ne crois pas que les Timinous sont aussi améliorés qu'on veut bien le croire. Burris n'a pas un leadership très positif, et si la brigade de receveurs est impressionnante, Martell Mallett ne m'a jamais impressionné. Je persiste à croire qu'ils auraient été meilleurs avec Cobourne. Entre Mallett et Grant, ce dernier pourrait bien avoir le poste, mais il n'a pas le leadership de Cobourne. Également, je ne suis pas si impressionné par leur ligne offensive. Si bon Burris peut être, si la ligne ne lui donne pas assez de temps, il ne sera pas long à livrer ses reproches à ses coéquipiers, et il se vivra à Hamilton ce qui s'est vécu dans le vestiaire à Calgary.

Dans l'ouest, je ne répèterai pas les commentaires exprimés par les autres qui ont prédit ce classement, arguments auxquels je souscris entièrement.

Anyone who wants to agree or disagree is welcome here you included but if you want to play games your wasting your time.

As for your comment regarding numbers of posters it mean nothing at all. Eskimos have 40 000 people at their games and their forum has less activity than this one. Or is there a boogieman on their forum too ? Or the GoAlsGo site which also has a small active membership. They have a boogieman ? Instead of getting personal like you did on Herb's blog or here. Stick to football.

As for your tippy toeing and innuendos with your St-Leonard and Camaro comments. I have my opinion. Your other post coming on an Als forum and placing them last behind a team that does not exist in a thread started by Discipline who two posts later you attack. Shows your intent. tippy toe around all you want. Mods on this forum are sharp and the rest of us aren't going anywhere.

I won`t go to Vegas with this but here goes:


B.C. - Strong veteran presence on both sides of the ball.
Calg. - I like Tate, but defense will miss Chris Jones.
Sask. - Durant will have comeback year, but they have several holes.
Edm. - You cannot win without a QB, surprised Tillman doesn`t realize this.


Mtl.- Much improved defense will put them over the top.
Ham. - All depends on Burris, but he will have to deal with so-so o-line.
Wpg. - They could surprise - have offensive weapons and strong defense.
Tor. - Too many weaknesses for Ray to overcome.

Here`s hoping for a great season!

Don't forget the Stamps forum which has not yet been posted in since FEB. 21, LOL. That's just how the forums work. Outside of the Cats forum, I'd put the activity and quality in our Als forum against any other CFL team forum on this site.

As for your tippy toeing and innuendos with your St-Leonard and Camaro comments. I have my opinion. Y
No, you're right. Adults can see the sort of bigoted nonsense he's getting at. It's not even worth dignifying with a response.
our other post coming on an Als forum and placing them last behind a team that does not exist in a thread started by Discipline who two posts later you attack. Shows your intent. tippy toe around all you want. Mods on this forum are sharp and the rest of us aren't going anywhere.
The core group here consists of really smart, insightful, and RESPECTFUL posters. We've had our ups and downs as a unit but fundamentally we're willing to listen to the other person and man up when we make mistakes. Anyone who consistently shows disrespect for his fellow members and/or who persistently trolls the forum is not someone I have any time for. The beauty of the Foe list. ;)

Getting back on topic, I think the Argos are going to surprise people this year. They finally have a legit no. 1 QB, something they haven't had since Damon Allen retired (and really, when was the last time they had a no. 1 who was a pure pocket-passer? I seriously can't remember). Moreover, they have Milanovich running the show on offense. He's smart as a whip and he brings a metric ton of expertise and experience from working under Trestman and with a quarterback, Calvillo, who is similar to Ray in many respects. The receiving corps is improved, the offensive line improved, and Boyd is as good a running back as any in the league. On defense, Chris Jones has been money everywhere he's gone, mainly because he has so many connections down south that he's basically a second unpaid GM, and because he understands how to install a defense to suit the players he has, not the players he wishes he had. And finally, special teams should continue to be a strength with O'Shea directing traffic and Owens always a threat to take it to the house.

Apart from BC and Montreal, I'd say that Toronto is the most well-rounded team in the league on paper.

I don't even want to predict how the west will finish up the season. Three of the four western teams; The Lions, Calgary and Edmonton all had identical records with 11 wins and a total of 22 points in 2011. That's uncanny. I do think that this year the point spread is going to be greater with the Lions coming out on top and getting into the Grey Cup again.

I think Toronto is going to do much better with Ray at the helm. Barnes, Owens and Ray should make for some exciting football and I like the chances of Toronto doing much better. They are also hosting the GC in 2012 so that should be an added incentive. Just how far Ray can take the team I don't know. He's losing his edge with the deep threat but is as slippery when escaping sacks as the best of them. He's pretty good at racking up rushing yardage too.

Gaberino: I am dismayed by your personal put-downs on a insightful member of this forum. He has great insight into the development of our Als and I value his opinions. One can catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar.

Ray has always had great touch on deep corners and fades. He’s average throwing posts and deep ins. But they are making a huge effort to put him in a position to succeed. They’ve gotten Maas to be his position coach, Barnes as his go-to receiver to go along with Mann, and a HC / OC who runs exactly the kind of timing offense in which a pocket-passer like Ray can thrive.