Off Season Time Waster Part 2

Again, assume Ottawa is joining the league in 2010; assume you are the GM of the new franchise; which of the following existing CFL offensive and defensive coordinators would you be most eager to interview for your head coaching position?(pick three)

From BC: Jacques Chapdelaine and Mike Benvaides
From Edmonton: Kevin Strasser and Jim Daley
From Calgary: George Cortez and Chris Jones
From Saskatchewan: Paul LaPolice and Gary Etcheverry
From Winnipeg; Manny Matsakis and Mark Nelson
From Hamilton: MIke Gibson and Greg Marshall
From Toronto: Peter Kuharchek (Bart Andrus doubles as their offensive coordinator and I'm fairly sure no one will pick him)
From Montreal: Scott MIlanovich and Tim Burke.

Cortez and Jones. :thup:

Stay away from the BC coordinators!, Be scared, be very scared! (I know they scare the h*ll out of us)

Greg Marshall, Hamilton. He's paid his dues and an expansion team will need to be VERY solid on defense to have any chance to win.

Greg Marshall or Chris Jones. Both worthy HC candidates who have more than paid their dues in the CFL.

On a somewhat unrelated note, if I were looking for DC for said expansion team, I'd take a long hard look at Mike Sinclair, the defensive line coach for the Alouettes. He doesn't get nearly enough credit for the D-line's stellar play.

.....Cortez and Marshal.....

.... Cortez...besides being a decent offensive co-ordinator AND associate head-coach....i think he'd be a pretty good fit with Marshal as head honcho..... good combo.. :wink:

....C'MON Ottawa....times a'wastin'... :cowboy:

I'd probably interview Cortez, Jones, and Nelson first; the first two because of their excellent records in the CFL, and Nelson, while he's new, really impressed me this year.

Marshall gives me pause; he's been up for so many head coaching gigs in the past and never gotten one, there must be something wrong there. . . maybe he just gives lousy interviews. Plus, he seems to wear out his welcome rather quickly; when he arrives as a new DC with a team, their defence is very good, but then after a season or two it seems to regress and he moves on. . . we'll see if that happens in Hamilton as well.

Trestman had never been a head coach despite 30 years in the football business until Jim Popp came calling. :slight_smile:

....I have to agree on two points MadJack..... Firstly...Marshals act as d co-ordinator does wear thin...I witnessed that when he coached the Bombers...He does have a good repoire with the players he coaches though...and that would stand him in good stead for an initial 'kick-off' coach in the capitol....

...Secondly....You're not supposed to notice Mark Nelson....he's quietly building a 'very good d' in the Peg....However this is just musings on who would work best for the Ottawa team....Nelson would be a very good candidate :wink:

Ah but papa you know me well enough to know that I don't miss much. . . at least I try not to !!

Nelson is a hidden gem, true, but how much CFL experience does he have even as a coordinator? Maybe he'd be better served by plying his craft in Winnipeg for a few more years before stepping into an HC role.

Cortez and Marshall are my two top picks

None of them... I'd bring in a bunch of guys from NFLE Europe who have been collecting welfare for the last few years...
Heck, even laid off Areana guys. All of those coaches are American so obviously they know more about the CFL then CIS head coaches. Right?

just ask Toronto they had a great season :wink:

If you want Canadian coaches here they are

Coaching Staff
John Bloomfield
Head Coach
John Bloomfield enters his 4th season, in 2007, as Head Football Coach at St. Francis Xavier University. He arrived at X with a tradition of excellence matched by few others.

Bloomfield was a member of the dominant Western Mustang teams of the 1980’s that appeared in the Vanier Cup in 1985 and 1986. After finishing his degree he spent a year as a teacher and assistant coach at Lahser HS in Michigan. In 1991 he returned to Canada and became head coach at Belle River HS in Ontario.

Over his eleven year tenure as a high school head coach in Ontario, both at Belle River HS and Sandwich Secondary, Bloomfield amassed a record of 95 wins and 20 losses. His teams won six city and three provincial championships during this span and were ranked by national coaching polls in three seasons as the number one high school football team in the country (1995, 2001, 2002).

In addition to being a full-time teacher and high school head coach, he also served as head coach of the Windsor AKO Fratmen of the Canadian Junior Football League from 1996-2001. Bloomfield led the Fratmen to five consecutive undefeated seasons against conference opponents, five provincial championship titles, two national championship appearances, and a national championship victory in 1999. The 1999 Fratmen were the first Ontario based team to win the CJFL national title in over thirty years.

Bloomfield was named OFC Coach of the Year four times and in 1996 & 1999 he was named CJFL Coach of the Year.

Bloomfield accepted an offer to become Offensive Coordinator of the Windsor Lancers in 2001. With his help the Lancers won more games in two seasons than in the four previous seasons combined, and made the OUA playoffs both times. His final victory prior to being hired by StFX was a win over the University of Western Ontario in the 2003 OUA quarterfinals.

In three seasons at StFX Bloomfield’s teams have amassed a regular season record of 10 wins and 13 losses with one playoff victory coming in 2005 versus archrival St. Mary’s.

Coaching Experience
• 1991-1996 Belle River High School, Head Coach
• 1997-2003 Sandwich Secondary High School, Head Coach
• 1996-2001 Windsor AKO Fratmen, Head Coach
• 2001-2003 Windsor Lancers, Offensive Coordinator
• 2004-Present St. Francis Xavier X-Men, Head Coach

Steve Sumarah - Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach
Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Education: BSc (Phys. Ed) M Ed
Coaching Background: 9th season with Huskies, 1st year as Head Coach;
Volunteer Coach of Year 2000; Football Nova Scotia Coach of the Year
1999; St. Francis Xavier 1994ˆ1997, CFL guest coach 5 seasons; AF2 2
Playing Background: Receiver, St. Francis Xavier 1985 - 1989, SMU
Huskies 1991

Both coaches have been successful and know how an offense should be run.

Hire these guys and let them hire their own coaching staff and the Eskimos would be reborn.

My Favourite is Bloomfield I know him from when he coached Belle River a smart football man who Btw learned coaching from Russ Jackson. I know John would love to coach in the CFL.

If they want they can interview Kavis Reed for the job... :lol: :lol:

lol that's how a fan should re-act....sams' got it :thup: ......What's the saying....laugh and the world laughs with you....cry and you cry alone... :wink: ...The only one not laughing however would be......Kavis Reed... :wink:

Give them Strasser and Daley, maybe the Esks could win a few with them gone :twisted: