Off-Season Time-Waster #4 - Canadians

Always like to bring things back to Canada. So the question is what Canadians would you most want to have a discussion with, living or dead? Here’s a starter list:

  1. Louis Riel
  2. Frank Shuster or Johnny Wayne
  3. Stompin’ Tom Connors
  4. Charlie Gardiner
  5. David Steinberg
  6. Ken Watson (actually did an interview with him for a newspaper in 1970s)
  7. Lorne Greene
  8. Gene Kiniski
  9. Fritzy Hanson
  10. Neil Young
  11. Buffy Saint-Marie
  12. Tommy Douglas
  13. Pierre Elliott Trudeau
  14. Joey Smallwood
  15. Tommy Prince
  16. Norval Morriseau

John Cabot
Sam Steele
Louis Riel
Lucy Maude Montgomery
Emily Carr
Mordecai Richler

What about his son? :stuck_out_tongue:

What about his wife ? :oHard to believe that the kid crawling up the steps is now our PM :o

I’d rather talk to Charles Joseph (Joe) Clark for an hour than Justin Trudeau for 5 minutes.

Some writers I missed:

  1. Leonard Cohen
  2. Milton Acorn
  3. Gwendolyn McEwen
  4. Al Purdy
  5. Peter Gzowski
  6. Richler

One criminal:

  1. Ken Leishman - the flying bandit

premier knothead, but it wouldn’t be a good discussion


Catherine Bell
Gordon Tootoosis
Laura Secord
Michael J Fox
Lorne Greene

Louise de La Corne

Alexander Graham Bell- spent most of the last 35 years of his life on Cape Breton Island and died and is buried there. That makes him pretty well Canadian in my books

Louis B Mayer

Robert MacNeil

John Candy

Lionel Conacher

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Charles de Salaberry

Don Cherry

Mary Pickford

Norma Shearer

I’ll add Gordon Drummond, victor (narrowly) at the Battle of Lundy’s Lane. Drummond was the first general officer of the British army to have been born in what is now Canada.

Love your #2 and 8 .

Perhaps getting all three in the room at the same time-wow! Would that have been something

Thought I still had the audio file interview with Kiniski but anyways Mark here’s a transcript of a mass-radio hookup interview with Gene when he was 72. If you know his voice the interview will be even better . . . some CFL references, too!

Leslie Neilsen. I would have loved to have had the opportunity just to tell him how many times he made me laugh so hard that it almost inflicted internal injury.

1997 Grey Cup weekend in Edmonton.

Lost my buddy for a bit at one of the daytime venues. Found him later sitting at a table chatting with Don Whitman and Ronnie Lancaster. We talked a few times about how special that was.

I would have time for Cal Murphy given the chance.

Gord Downie is another,