Off season signings

All during the off-season and training camp, I kept hearing (through the media) about all these great players that have been signed. All receivers, RB's and QB.
No defensive players.
There is NO pass rush, all our opponents receivers are always wide open, and NO O-Line. Jason Maas can only play up to his potential (like we've seen him before) IF HE HAS PROTECTION. He's always running for his life out there and is not getting the protection he needs to find the open receivers deep.

But that's just my opinion.

Maas had enough time last night.

It was either the playcalling (does Maas call his own plays?) or the receivers weren't getting open.

Maas is NOT afraid to chuck the ball deep.

I didn't think Mass had the time he needed in last nights game. Calgary had a constant rush on him and sacked him three times despite his good speed. When he wasn't sacked, he was running for his life most of the night. He definitely needs more protection.
This could account for all the screens and short passes.

Just wondering; did you tape the game and watch it in slow motion? Mass had virtually no time to throw last night. I am in total agreement with the concept of where are these great receivers we thought we had

The Ticats do not have great receivers. They're just "guys"--pull one out, put one in. They're all the same. Maybe Vaughan is a slight cut above the rest but this receiving corps is very average. See any Milt Steagalls here? or Arland Bruces? or Calhouns? The Ticats improved at QB and RB but the receivers? Nope!

What do you call DJ Flick?
Great WRs:
Good WRs:

I have to agree with this comment.

Flick is above average but NOT GREAT by any stretch of the imagination.

Apart from maybe Vaughan (and it's a big maybe), there isn't a reliable gamebreaker in the lot. DJ is ok but if he was cut tomorrow, how many other teams would be calling him? None?