Off-season rosters

Here are the teams off-season rosters,as at May 19,2011.

Toronto- 75 players,i.e. 48 imports and 27 non-imports. Players involved in today's trade with Calgary included.

Montreal- 74 players,i.e. 42 imports and 32 non-imports.

Edmonton- 74 players,i.e. 40 imports and 34 non-imports. 19 DBs signed.-average 14 for other teams. 4 K and P signed.

BC- 73 players signed,i.e. 40 imports and 33 non-imports.

Winnipeg- 69 players signed,i.e.38 imports and 31 non-imports.

Saskatchewan- 66 players signed,i.e. 35 imports and 31 non-imports.

Calgary- 64 players signed,i.e. 36 imports and 28 non-imports. Only 2 QB signed. Players traded-today- with Toronto included.

Hamilton- 61 players signed,i.e. 36 imports and 25 non-imports. Only 3 QB signed. Only 25 non-imports.

For Toronto,Montreal,Edmonton and BC, most players have been signed for the upcoming training camps; sure, there will be additions-mainly 2011 draft choices- and few deletions, but not as many as Saskatchewan,Calgary and Hamilton. I expect Hamilton to sign/announce the signing of no less than 15 players,including 2011 draft choices, in the next 12 to 15 days. No less than 10 with Calgary,including at least 2 QBs.


Do those totals include non-counters?

What do you mean by "non-counters". All players on off-season rosters are included. By "non-counters" do you mean draft choices who don't count against/in the 75 players allowed during off-season? If so,yes they are included,provided a team or teams has/have signed any of them. BC,Winnipeg for instance have signed some of their draft choices and they are included.

One comment that I forgot: While Edmonton has signed 7 linebackers,they are all imports; they have 0 LB non-import on their roster. By "comparaison", Montreal has 7 non-import linebackers. Possible trade?


I was just wondering since non-counters, as you said, don't count towards the roster limit, should they be included in the roster totals since those teams that are at or close to the limit when every player is included could be under the roster size rules by a number of playes when non-counters are taken into account.

For those unfamiliar with the term "non-counters", from an article at before last year's TCs started:

•Non-counters include players selected in the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft, two additional non-imports (see next bullet), players selected in a previous draft by the Club that have never attended a professional training camp in Canada or elsewhere and any junior player. •The two (2) additional non-imports must adhere to one of the following guidelines:

1.Players who have graduated from junior football and are within the club's territorial rights
2.A current year draft eligible player who was undrafted
3.A player who had been eligible for the preceding year's draft or one who may have been treated as a non-counter in the previous year's camp, provided that he has not participated in a CFL regular season or post-season game

19 players listed as DBs for the Esks on their website, but many Esks' fans are speculating that some of the larger ones may be tried at LB. Also off the top of my head, CGY has 4 QBs signed: Burris, Tate, Sinopoli, and McNeal(Hufnagel said he will potentially be looked at as a QB).

Yes,McNeal could play at QB but,presently, he is listed as a WR.
Sinopoli was signed today. As I wrote yesterday,Calgary will sign no less than 10 players before training camp. Three were signed today.