Off-season roster

As per CFL transactions of yesterday,the Als have added their players on the practice roster to their off-season active roster except Brandon Whitaker-RB- and Taylor Scott-DT-; they could/should be added later on. Also added were LeRoy Vann-DB/KR- who was on the diasbled list and Brian Ridgeway-LB- drafted lasy May and returned to school.

The off-season active roster now “stands” at 66,i.e. 32 imports and 34 non-imports.


Merci Richard

For all the roster news

You've been most enlightening with your updates.
Who's up for a parade?

Yes, many thanks Richard for the roster updates - and for all your other information/updates.

Is 32 - 34 the standard ratio?

And I see Jarriett Buie and Bryan Evans coming back before Scott.

I for sure. Lunch hour, McGill College and Ste-Catherine, across the street from Eaton.

Dangit, why do they start winning AFTER I move to Toronto? :lol: :lol: :x

I'd love to see that parade. I watched the TSN replay of the 2009 parade last year. It looked amazing.

Too easy
Waaaaay too easy...


Too easy
Waaaaay too easy...