Off-Season Roster Moves

Noticed that 3 players announced as signed during the off-season - WR Chris Dunlap, CB Cortney Grixby, and the somewhat heralded WR Darnerien McCants from the Arena League - no longer appear on the website Roster.
Also, I count 76 names at present, when the off-season limit is 75.
Wish the team was more transparent in their player cuts, they are the only football team in North America that doesn`t always announce them.
With no Habs to follow, I guess I have too much time on my hands!

CFL roster limits are somewhat complicated and it isn’t unusual to see guys come on and off the roster. Dosen’t mean you won’t see these guys show up at some point :wink:

During the off-season Mr.Popp does not release the players waived; it's been like that for as far as I can recall. This is why I monitor,often, on a daily basis, the Als roster on their site.

Amongst the 76, players drafted last year and who did not play or attend training camp in 2008 have to be excluded; the Thind,Woodruff,Giddings and Brodeur-Jourdain are not counted; the number against the 75 allowed is 72. We still have "room".


I admire your thoroughness Richard, however I have posted below from the CFLPA website.
I take it to mean a 75 player limit off-season, with the roster exemptions you mentioned only kicking in once Training Camp starts.
I stand to be corrected.

The Game >> Salary Management SystemCFL SALARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
Core Program Components Summary
Maximum Salary Expenditure Cap (SEC) of $3.8M established for 2006.
Effective Enforcement Measures including:
Full disclosure of player compensation.
Certification process.
Hired compliance officers with full access to team records.
Salary Transparency with central repository of player salary information.
Significant non-discretionary Penalties for Breaching SEC maximum based on a progressive financial system as well as competitive measures (forfeited draft picks), to take effect in 2007.
First $100,000.00 $1 to $1
$100,000.00 to $300,000.00 $2 to $1
$300,000.00 + $3 to $1
Limit on Players Under Contract to 75 players in off-season, 68 players by training camp (current year draft choices exempt).
Active Roster Limit (ARL) increased to 42 from 40 (1 import, 1 non-import), and a 4 man Reserve Roster.
Filing of Rosters timing changed from 48 hours notice to 1 hour prior to kickoff.
Practice Roster: Each club may have a practice roster consisting of a maximum of seven 7 players in accordance with the following terms and conditions:
At least 1 place on the practice roster shall be filled by a non-import player (other than a non-import player who was a candidate in the current year CFL Canadian Draft, who is not the property of another CFL club);
If 7 places are used by a member club on it’s practice roster, at least 1 place on the practice roster shall also be filled by a non-import player who was a candidate in the current year CFL Canadian Draft, who is not the property of another CFL club.;
During 30 days during the season which coincide with the National Football League cut-down of roster period, each CFL club may increase it’s practice roster up to a maximum of twelve 12 players.

What you are posting is outdated with regards to 75 players in off-season; the change was made to not punish teams that drafted players who had years of eligibility in NCAA; players drafted in previous year but not in training camp until next year. Has been modified after 2007 season.


Well I stand corrected Richard, you sound like you know your stuff.
The next period of real Roster juggling is at Rookie Camp. Once the regular camp starts, there are usually several new names, and many names from the Off-Season Roster disappear into the Transaction Twilight Zone.