Off Season Player Priorities

Bauman, if given a chance should be a great replacement for Stala, assuming he doesn’t come back for another kick at the can, if he does, imagine the depth.

Jamall Johnson, he’s a FA from what I’ve heard, Obie needs to lock him into a long term deal sooner rather than later. We can’t afford to lose this guy.

Porter likely needs to go, but he could turn into another Calvillo, remember we had him once and look what he’s done since.

I don’t envy Obie this offseason, glad I’m only a fan with an opinion.

Time to trade up, how about Porter, Cobb, and a new head coach for a start. Lets not forget Deangilis. 17 yd. field goal, NOT!


Are we really going to blame a guy who barely saw the field this year and when he did he did everything that this team ask of him. Whats wrong with this picture? Get help for your hate disorder !!!!!

Try considering Glenns overall CFL record regular season and playoffs and maybe you will see the problem more clearly.

Maybe you need to take your blinders off, even in Porters limited roll he did almost zero for the team the past two yrs.
Its time for Trafalis to get a shot. If we traded porter last yr. maybe we would have picked up that one extra starter like a running back or field goal kicker to get this team over the top.
Fact as Facts, Marcelle stuck with him last yr. and the team s$cked until glenn came to the rescue.
Now the team needs to get over the 500 hurdle, the only way we can do that is to upgrade our dead weight.
Starting with Marcelle, Porter, Cobb, and Deangilis.

Porter played well in a pressure-packed situation. He's not going anywhere.

How many years do you think Glenn has left in the tankconsidering his age and wonky knee? Do you really want Porter as your starter, or do we airlift another Maas in? How did that work out for us? As for DeAngeles, sometimes moving closer to home does not always help the player. Too many distractions from family, neighbours and friends.

I thought he played well also. The pass Bruce dropped in the end zone was perfectly thrown. Very good accuracy to just come in cold like that. Always loved his running.

One thing the TSN guys commented on yesterday that I agree with is how the team passed up chances to get Porter more playing time during the season. Only 148 yards passing all season.

His rushing TD yesterday was outstanding.

is there anywhere I can find ticat and other teams free agents?

Tough call forsure, but I think MB blew it by sending Glenn back in right away, there was a rallying of the troops so to speak going on right before his eyes and he failed to take full advantage. Iam not saying Porter should have played the rest of the way but a couple more series while Glenn watched may have made a huge difference.

Dont make this a Porter vs Glenn thing, its truly a coach who failed to note the changing tide and failed to read his team at a moment during the game. Before the second half started you could see a confedence between the players and Porter that said out loud they would not be denied. This was a defining moment for this team and a moment that could take them from .500 to Grey Cup.

Its not Porter its not Glenn, it could have been John Smith from Box J, it didnt matter because MB made the wrong call and failed to read the mood of the team.

One main priority IMO would be DB's that can actually play man cover. We have maybe 2 that are decent at it.

Stala is not going anywhere. He signed an extension during the season. Also, read what he said to the media following yesterday's loss. Stala will be back. Though based on what Bauman has been doing recently, I think inking him should get done. I have been critical of him, but he had some very good games in the last month of the season.

JJ is on a team option for next year. No way the team does not exercise that option. If he's willing (perhaps he'd like to give the NFL another shot), the team should try and lock him up long term.

Totally agree. I thought Porter afforded himself pretty well yesterday.

My priorities are:

  • Address the kicking game.
  • Address the secondary.
  • Get an offensive co-ordinator


re-ab3- had that been Buaman, count 6 for tc,s_ Buaman as good as Fantuse and likely gone west in 2011, O.C. ignored his talent and missmach in size vs cfl db,s .

Thanks C.B. for not quiting even though the team threw you to the curb,and good luck out west in 2011. :thup:

Sorry, but that's a bit much. Just a little bit of a stretch I like Bauman, but if he was on the "curb" he had nobody to blame for it but himself. To say he was inconsistent in the past is being generous. He has done some good things this year, but if he chooses to leave the team (as I think he will) I think we can find a good replacement for him. The team gave him many many opportunites to make his mark and he only just started doing that now. He's a Canadian receiver so the team would have loved to have him starting, but you have to be able to count on him for that to happen.

Bauman only started performing at the end of the season.

Frankly, I thought he was a victim of a body snatching or something.

But, he showed enough at the end that Winnipeg may show interest.

Other than that, he'll be back.

As for the rest....


Add running game

One pass a game(not expected] after playing decoy for the imports does not make a career!

gimme Buaman over Moryely[sp] any day any era!

The running game changes with a new OC.

Ok now that is hilarious. No need for me to discuss it with you any further. That takes the cake.