Off-season. Player departures per team.

In 6 or 7 days from now, CFL rookies will report to CFL teams for beginning of training camp; veterans will report May 30,2015 and official training camps will begin the next day.

Based on information as of today, I am listing the departures pf players per team when compared to rosters when teams had their last games in 2014. Departures include: Trades of players, retirements, releases and players becoming free agents and signing with another team. I only include the departures.

The 2014-2015 off-season departures,as of today,were:

Hamilton 4 i.e. 3 on offense and 1 on defence.Key departures were: Int. CB Delvin Breaux and Nat. WR Samuel Giguère.

Montreal 4,all on offense. Key departures were: Nat. G Ryan Bomben and Int WR Duron Carter.

Calgary 6 i.e. 4 on offense and 2 on defence. Key departures were:Nat C Brett Jones, Int OT Stanley Bryant,Int. WR Maurice Price,Int. SB Nik Lewis and Int. DE Shawn Lemon.

Edmonton 8, i.e. 3 on offense,3 on defence and 2 on special teams. Key departures were: Nat G Matthew O'Donnell,Int SB Fred Stamps, Int LB Reggie Curran,Int. CB Joe Burnett,Nat S Chris Rwabukamba and P/K Hugh O'Neil.

Ottawa 9 i.e. 4 on offense, 3 on defence and 2 on special teams.key departure was: Jasper Simmons.

BC 11, i.e. 5 on offense, 5 on defence and 1 on special teams. Key departures were: Int. QB Kevin Glenn,Int.RB/KR Stefan Logan,Int. SB Ernest Jackson,Int. DT Khalif Mitchel,Int.DT Eric Taylor and Int. P Ricky Schmitt.

Toronto 14 i.e. 9 on offense and 5 on defence. Key departures were: Int. OT SirVincent Rogers,Int. WR John Chiles,Int. RB Steve Slaton,Nat. SB Mike Bradwell,Nat. WR Spencer Watt and Nat. LB Shea Emry.

Winnipeg 16 i.e. 10 on offense and 6 on defence. Key departures were:Int. OT Glen January,Nat. G Steve Morley, Nat. OL Gord Hinse, Nat. SB Corey Watson,Int. LB Ian Wild and Int LB/DB Johnny Sears Jr.

Saskatchewan 18, i.e. 6 on offense,10 on defence and 2 on special teams. Key departures were:Nat C Dominic Picard, Nat OT Ben Heenan,Nat. DE Ricky Foley,Nat. DE David Lee, Int. LB Brian Peters,Nat. LB Sam Hurl,Int. LB Diamond Ferri and Nat. P Josh Bartel.

Based on these departures, there will definitely be many new-not only rookies- on teams such as Ottawa,BC,Toronto,Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. In many instances, players gone have been well replaced by signings of free agents.

A great 2015 season to all CFL fans.


Missing from your list:

Calgary - Nat WR Brad Sinopoli

As I wrote,the departures are based on the 46 man active rosters when teams played their last 2014 games. Nat. WR Brad Sinopoli was on Calgary injured list when their last game-Grey Cup win- was played in 2014.


would love to see brad get another crack at QB


Not likely, although an injury to one of Ottawa’s three QBs might result in that situation.

:oops: (Missed that.)

Players of note on that list that are still available and can fill a positive role for a team:

Renee Curren - Still not signed. Proven starting MLB let walk from EDM not do to his playing ability.
Although these teams claim to have no interest there situations have or could change.

- Zeroing in on building their Canadian Content in quality and depth on Oline and on D and teams.
-They got exactly what they needed on the Oline having now six potential interior starting Olineman. Going with a pair of Proven Import OTs and Neufeld can swing to RT.
-Defense releasing Import Vega and signing the much needed second National Dlineman Westerman. Bonus supplemental first round S/WillLb from Dartmouth likely to play on teams right away. Returning Bucknor, Sherman (both starters and teams players, and potential of Healthy Newman to play at S/WillLB. Suddenly their is options that have 2 solid ratio spots on D without having to start Hurl at MLB. In other words they can start an Import at MLB and still have Hurl and 6 others fill roles to balance 2 ratio spots with quality.

Ottawa - spent a lot of money fixing the offense. Very thin at LB. The potential to have Curren and Munoz team up at Mike and Will again. In EDM 2013 they combined for a whopping 150 plus tackles and that is with Curran only starting from week 8 on with Sherritt. Curran had 53 last year while splitting time. While Munoz spent half the season going to NFL final cutdowns before returning to the CFL and signing with OTT. Rookie Travis Brown quietly had a nice season at MLB. Going past him Munoz and Pruneau there is not much at LB.
Recently releasing Fraser and his likley not huge but starters salary
Hmm who else on D could B carrying a heavy salary that is old and less than stellar season at CB. :wink:

Steve Morley an older vet and salary dump by Winnipeg but still can play. Filling a depth role as a National interior OL even if just for a season.

Josh Bartel - Not sure what his situation is at current time but the Aussie with unique punting skills is grandfathered in as a National. He also proved to be a pretty good holder. :wink: