Off-season moves and early feels

Well looks like Toronto is making some bold moves for this upcoming season. They've signed Charleston Hughes, traded for Cordero Law and have brought in Matt Nichols. They've certainly been the most aggressive this off-season.

I'd say Hamilton still has an edge going into the season with their roster pretty well in tact.

The West has been rather quiet. The Riders have lost a few key players from their 2019 season in Charleston Hughes and others and the wildcard is whether or not they'll bring back Cam Judge. They appear to be relying heavily on their scouting especially on defense while their offense seems to be in tact minus a few on the line and getting younger on Offense.

Winnipeg is taking a gamble with Collaros who hasn't started a full season in four or five years. Their d looks to be in tact still so they should make a run.

And of course there is Calgary who always seems to bring in nameless players every year and make stars out of them.

I would say the wildcard in the west is Edmonton. Is Trevor Harris a legit QB or just mediocre? And will a coaching change bring them success?


Matt is now a Red Black and not sure with all those old players the Argos are collecting will keep up with the youngsters in all the other squads.