Off-Season Mini-Camp

Didn`t remember that CFL teams are now allowed this:

"The new CBA includes provisions to give CFL teams a head start on pre-season preparations. It allows for voluntary, non-contact, off-season workouts lasting up to three days in duration between February 1 and April 30, and an opportunity for all quarterbacks to voluntarily report to training camp on the Monday before the commencement of camp for all players."

Winnipeg is holding one Apr. 11.

Wonder if the Als will be doing one.

Je serais surpris. Trestman a une clause dans son contrat qui lui permet de rester chez lui pratiquement jusqu'au camp d'entraînement. À la limite, ça permettrait d'étirer le camp d'entraînement de 3 jours.

From today`s Hamilton Spectator on how thw Als will conduct their off-season mini-camp:

"The Als are bringing only veterans to their camp in Orlando at the end of April, and possibly a couple of veteran free-agents. Rookies won't get that extra look that they're getting elsewhere, but that fits the Als' M.O. of relying heavily upon on their core group for stability, leadership and momentum, which radiates outwards.

"We have a new defensive co-ordinator and this will help the guys get on the same page with him," says Montreal assistant GM Marcel Desjardins, who adds the workouts will be fairly informal."

Makes a lot of sense. No point exposing your strategy to players who may be cut or released and picked up by other teams prior to camp.

Si j'ai bien compris, il n'y a que les joueurs des lignes offensive et défensive qui ne sont pas allés à Orlando. Compte tenu de la quantité de nouveaux candidats et du nouvel entraîneur de la défensive, je suppose que l'équipe voulait que les joueurs sachent ce sur quoi ils devaient se préparer en vue du camp d'entraînement.