Off season Improvements!?

well, it seems to me Overall Obie did exactly what he wanted to threw this off season! Got an outstanding O line, and A Stack of Young Talent on the D line! That was his major thing over last season to this one! Just a little tweet here and there, And I think he did his job with that! Also he got us some QUALITY Vet players this off season. And one INCREDIBLE DC! For THIS off season, what do you think he will be focused on!?
I believe Brining in better talent at the DB Spot, We have a couple solid players, but overall needs alot of improvement! Also, id like to see Obie bring in a better O.C As our current one seems to be predictable and not as good as we could get! Special teams could use some improvement as well!. I think in this off season thats what he will be putting focus on!

AM900 CHML says that Obie said next year we will have a dynamite returner!
Almost sounds like he has someone in mind.

We need to bring some competition into camp at Defensive Back and Corner.

Obie better light a fire under the butt of the Special Teams coach. It won't matter who we get as a returner if we don't start setting up some sort of blocking scheme. Everytime our returner caught the ball, he was staring straight into the faces of at least three of the opposition players with nowhere to go.

Given What I witnessed game after game I would hope that high on our recruiting list would be 2 defensive halfbacks and a good Canadian safety. We were very vulnarable at those 3 spots

I think the main problem with the Ticats return blocking is the team doesn't use enough size on that unit. Barker, Beveridge, Carter are all good tacklers but not so good at the blocking. They often end up having to block a guy with 20-30 or more pounds on them. I saw this trend most of the year. Williams is about the only consistently good blocker we have on returns from what I have seen. Mind you he is only about 205 but he uses his weight very well. Plays like a bigger guy.

McDaniel isn't amazing but gets the job done. He is a much better receiver than returner in my opinion. One thing I really do like about his return game though is he almost never backtracks and loses yards. Also doesn't make many cuts because he is much more a north/south kind of returner. Considering he is a rookie his basic fundamentals are outstanding.

Safety is an experience thing.

I think that both Bo Smith and Tisdale need to be pressed in camp because both of them seem to get beat pretty consistently. IMO the other side of the field is fine.

I think he has to bring in competition for Nick Setta don't give him a free pass next season

Defensive secondary would be the only place that jumps out at me. Some of that's just experience. Kick returning seemed like it could be upgraded -- I'm just sure there were, in comparison to other teams, enough times where our field position got a boost. It just puts less pressure on their defence, and more on ours.

Sure we have to bring in competition for the DBs but the Sask. Roughriders stuck it out with a young secondary and now they have a very good defensive backfield . Changing every season is not goiong to give you the continuity which allows the players to take chances on balls and to step in front of passes .If you keep changing, the players keep playing it safe and we dont get turnovers .

Either way, what is the harm in bringing in someone to put some pressure on them to improve? IMO we should have made a play for Byron Parker when he became available. Would have been an instant upgrade to anyone in our secondary.

That would have been something, Parker's quite the corner, he'd be an upgrade over either Smith or Bradley. . . but there's no way Toronto would have traded him to Hamilton after losing the Arland Bruce deal.

  1. Return game.

  2. One corner. One Defensive Back.

  3. I like our receivers but want another few brought in.

I agree with habman and the comparison to the Riders' secondary. The more they play together, the better the unit becomes. I think we need more push up the middle from the DLine, a threat at punt and kickoff returner, and more special team "headhunters". An experienced deep threat to complement Bruce the Thrice would also be nice. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Yup. What the old guy said. :wink:

In order what I think the Cats need to work out to improve

1.Offensive coordinator
To be brutally frank our entire season has been consistently inconsistent on offense and the one constant is the putrid offensive scheme. We have no identity. Every time we don’t even try to establish one of the 4 principals of offense its because the other team dictated it. Screw that. We should be dictating to them. We start with a defeatist attitude from the coaching staff when they limit the offense and it has showed virtually every game.

2.Special Teams Coaching
We can’t cover kicks!!! Thats a team coordination problem. Thats bad coaching
We can’t block on returns!!! I can’t believe better coaching won’t improve this tenfold

3.Offensive line play
To be fair I believe we have the personnel in place to be good in this area but the drop off with injuries this season was too much to bear. We need a major improvement in our backups. Hopefully the fact that they have so little experience is the reason and this will take care of itself but it must improve. As well the offensive play calling doesn’t seem to give our boys a chance with few roll outs and the predictability of pass vs run plays.

  1. Defensive line depth
    Man when we lost 2 linemen everyone on the defensive team fell apart. I have no idea if the backups were that bad or its another experience thing but this line has been like Jekyll & Hyde. Terrific in some games and horrible in others

  2. DB’s (not safety)
    I’ll cut them some slack others don’t seem to want to simply because of the inconsistent line play Too many time they’ve been asked to cover too long.

  3. Import ratio
    We are playing with an import kicker requiring us to drop an import on offense. We are using import offensive linemen forcing us to use inferior non import receivers. We don’t use a non import blocking back forcing us to use inferior non import receivers. There are a few ways to re jig the ratio within the current rules require a complete change in philosophy. In reality I believe that it is here that the most work needs to be done to improve. Our Canadian talent, simply put is far below what is required to take the next step

Huh ???? What team were you watching this season ??

The Cats, what team did you watch. The majority of our problems are on offence and special teams

it never hurts but i still think setta wasn't 100% for the middle part of the season. he really came on the last part.

he'll be fine.

id like to see us get some consistency in the secondary,maybe add an experienced cb,improvement on our kick return game,not thinking talent but schemes,many times our returns sucked because there was where for our returners to go and that wasnt fixed throughout the season…