Off-season free-for-all jamfest

A thread with no topic cannot possibly go off-topic.

What’s on your mind?

Just so I’m clear on the ground rules, ExPat, politics and religion still off-limits?

Politicos and priests all love the TiCats! It’s been statistically shown!

Can a thread HAVE no topic?

Does not it's very existence... indeed OUR existence.... provide an inherent "topicness' or 'topicality' to THAT existence and indeed all possible existences that proceed from the nature of topicality?

If we posit existence is not a nullity, then topicality and existence are co-existent and quite possibly - for any given value of perception of said existences- co-determinant.

Thank you for opening up this stimulating discussion which I am sure will be taken up with alacrity by the perspicacious auditors of this Board.

The topic we are all thinking about today … It’s snowing.

Those topics are not allowed on the forum. I can’t declare the forum rules to be inapplicable, even on a limited basis.

Is it possible for us to consider them - like this very thread - to be 'non-topics' and thus now open for discussion? If we deny their existence as topics they become a null-set and thus only nonsense and gibberish to those reading them.

The mods will thus not understand what we are saying and so we can discuss the non-existing topics in a thread that bears only a tenuous connection to reality.

I like strawberry jam the best

Please note that the discussion of existence in this thread is entirely philosophical in nature and is delimited to that sphere without consideration of the metaphysical potentials inherent in consideration of the topic and so keeping us away from religion.


I consider that a threat to my religious convictions :slight_smile:

yes or no?

Looking at today’s weather, I have concluded that the Grey Cup should never be played in January.

I think it would be hilarious to watch them running around in snow suites and balaclavas

while I have no idea what you have said, I may or may not fight for your right to say tit

Freudian slip, FYB?

Thank you - that is the you that has existence (at a minimum) through interaction on this Board

George Carlin would ask if that would be a cheese or tater ? Betcha you can't have just one .

Pat Lynch(the old 7 Word Guy)

Hmmm… religion and politics may not exist on this board so does this question also transcend the physicality of our existence. STIMULATING discussion.

Also we didn’t get that much snow here in Cambridge.

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