Off-season football talk

You completely missed the point .

But then again your not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed .

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Thanks. (FYI, that would be "you're", tool man.)


Haha as Garney said it's your sandbox Ex Pat enjoy being the king of it .

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Well that's just silly. Grover is the Once and Future King.


No you self appointed yourself that position awhile ago .

Try taking some reading comprehension courses before posting ; it will do you a world of good when trying to respond to any conversations on the forum .

Especially one's that go over your head .

Massacres , cowboys not being a ethnic group ,historical oppression

Who said Cowboys were a ethnic group or anything about massacres it's about irony that Dave would choose Cowboys as his team being a native and the derogatory hollywood etc ... stereotypical cowboys and Indian themes .

Nothing to do with making cowboys a victim .

You read into something that was never there like you usually do .

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GEEZ, we really need some football news


I took a look at all the new to the CFL Ticats who are bigger physical DB'S and smaller fast linebackers and watched film on them to try to figure out which ones are candidates to start at SAM for the Ticats and I can say I am very impressed and there are some great looking players.

1 Tyrie Robinson - 26 years old , 6- 2 215. Tall, physical, athletic ( was a big basketball prospect ) good hands, fast . Was a star at Oregon when they made it to the championship game vs Ohio State. Shockingly undrafted played corner and safety and spent time with Dallas and San Fran.

2.Kameron Kelly - 24 years old 6-2 205 .Bad boy got arrested for fighting with police when playing for the Steelers and they cut him for that. He played 14 games for the Steelers in 2019 . A hard hitting safety. He was a standout at San Diego State.

  1. Patrick Nelson - 24 years old 6 foot , 216 . listed as a linebacker but played safety for 2 years at SMU after 2 years at Illinois. Fresh right out of College nicknamed the Hammer .

4 Anthoula Kelly - 25 years old, 5-9 182, Nicknamed the Tank for good reason. Played DB at Fresno State so Coach Orlondo would have coached him and knows him well.

  1. Brandon Bryant - 25 years old, 6-0, 215, listed as a linebacker but played safety at Mississippi State. Hard hitting and athletic and fast and polished. Spent 2 years on NFLL practice Rosters.

6.Herb Waters - 28 years old, 6-2 , 194 , played wide receiver at University of Miami but Green Bay converted him to a DB. Very physical and athletic. Spent 3 years in the NFL.

  1. Desmond Lawrence - 26 years old, 6-1 , 185, very athletic and physical. Spent a few years with the Detroit Lions and had a great career at North Carolina .

Just curious as to what will happen, we have the 2020 draft picks, the 2021 draft picks and if no season this year the 2022 draft pics next year? then there are all the FA players that are bouncing around from team to team and not playing a down :unamused:

I chose the Cowboys because I knew at a young age to not root for a Washington Football Team was morally wrong. I knew their name didn't honor our people.

Five years ago, a lot of Rez kids would wear the WFT apparel. Once People(all) realized to make changes, WFT clothing disappeared replaced by other sports wear

Cool Dave have friends who are Dallas Cowboy fanatics and fly down for the games once in awhile . They have a tour that involves meeting the retired players and visiting the stadium .

Even though they weren't my team I was jealous of their experience with the all inclusive package they offered .

Maybe one day when this Pandemic is long gone

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Or to just ban the troll


Big news here!

This week, we will submit a detailed Return to Play Health and Safety plan to various levels of government in Canada for their consideration.

Having a government-approved plan that outlines how we will keep CFLPA members, team staff, game staff and communities safe and protected from virus spread is an important and required first step we must take, alongside the CFL, in order to play a safe 2021 season.

The plan was created in partnership with the CFL office and with advice and input from trusted medical experts who have helped other professional leagues safely return to play. It also includes best practices from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS


Toronto Blue Jays will end radio-specific broadcasts, and instead just transmit the TV audio (with its references to what people should be seeing on-screen) over the radio.
Toronto Blue Jays fans furious after team says it's ending radio broadcasts of games

On that basis, I wonder which of the following statements are true?

  • The commissioner of baseball is incompetent
  • Baseball's business model is broken
  • The owner of Sportsnet (i.e. Rogers) doesn't care about the Blue Jays and wants them to fail
  • It has never occurred to the Blue Jays to look into streaming agreements
  • Times are changing, ad dollars are going elsewhere, and radio is simply less important than ever before

It's the last one I'm afraid. New gen doesn't listen to the game while puttering in the garage like we did.

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They might all be vaping instead.