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My first one:

Simoni and Delvin interviewed on Marsh & Melo.
Simoni Lawrence and Delvin Breaux on Marsh and Melo

They talk about their favourite Timmies breakfast, Netflix selections, what the HAM fans mean to them, how they have moved past the Grey Cup, and what ice cream they like.

My next topic:

Speaking of 2006, this misprint in a Jason Maas article kind of hit home for me.

Maas: ‘You want an opportunity to coach here one day’

After spending [b]six seasons [/b]in the CFL as a player, Maas immediately made the jump to coaching, jumping on as the QB coach with the Toronto Argonauts.
Unfortunately, that's more accurate than it sounds. Maas played six seasons in EDM (2000-2005). He was then seen wearing other uniforms for a period of time, but it would be a stretch to say he was playing football. I'm not sure I've ever seen someone fall so far short of expectations.

Coach Maas has now been elevated to “offensive genius” status (example) after a disappointing four-season run in EDM. Now set to coach this generation’s greatest QB talent in SSK, it sounds like he’ll be unstoppable.

He can’t be THAT much of a screw up. He has 3 Grey Cup rings. Two as Ray’s backup in Edmonton and one as his QB coach in Toronto. A lot of experience of all things CFL. I doubt Fajardo will regress under a Maas mentorship.

I did not know that he had 3 rings
He played about as small a role as possible being a backup QB and QB coach.
I am not denying he is a compentent coaching addition but those 3 GC wins would have happened with or without him.

Maas coaching Ray always struck me as a bit absurd. But then you see guys like Dinwiddie and Milanovich who were never much as players but apparently they can coach. Different skill sets I guess.

Incidentally, the one with the highest combined score (player + coach) was Ron Lancaster.

I guess it’s a case of those who can, do; those who can’t teach (and those who can’t teach, teach gym)

First Maas coached Ray in Edmonton as back up, then he continued to coach Ray in Toronto, as Qb coach.

Then he coached Hank in Ottawa, as OC.

Then he coached, Mike Rielly and Trevor Harris as HC.

…Cody Fijardo is next.

I would say, if anything, Maas gets himself in proven situations and had never had to develop a Qb.

(Unlike Tommy Condell, who has had a hand in developing all 3 of Cats recent Qbs)

I am expecting the 2020 schedule to be released by next week

The 2019 #CFL schedule was released on 12/20/2018 & the 2018 #CFL schedule was released on 12/17/2017.
#CFL used to wait until Feb because they had to wait for the BlueJays schedule to be finalized since they had to schedule Argos games around those dates. Not anymore.

The December Draft rankings came out today

We pick 5th(MTL :)), 8th and 17th out of this list

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) Scouting Bureau has released the winter edition of the Top-20 prospects eligible for the 2020 CFL National Draft on April 30.
Three prospects from the CFL Scouting Bureau: Fall Edition – No. 4 Sage Doxtater, No. 5 Patrice Rene and No. 10 Daniel Joseph – were moved to the 2021 draft class due to changes in their NCAA eligibility.
The CFL Scouting Bureau, comprised of CFL scouts, as well as, player personnel directors and general managers from the league’s nine member clubs, releases its rankings three times each year in September, December and April.


[tr][td]1 (1)[/td]
[td]Neville Gallimore[/td]
[tr][td]2 (2)[/td]
[td]Chase Claypool[/td]
[td]Notre Dame[/td]
[td]Abbotsford, B.C.[/td]
[tr][td]3 (3)[/td]
[td]Nathan Rourke[/td]
[td]Oakville, Ont.[/td]
[tr][td]4 (11)[/td]
[td]Carter O’Donnell[/td]
[td]Red Deer, Alta.[/td]
[tr][td]5 (13)[/td]
[td]Tomas Jack-Kurdyla[/td]
[tr][td]6 (7)[/td]
[td]Ketel Asse[/td]
[td]Saint-Marc, Haiti[/td]
[tr][td]7 (6)[/td]
[td]Dejon Brissett[/td]
[td]Mississauga, Ont.[/td]
[tr][td]8 (9)[/td]
[td]Mason Bennett[/td]
[td]North Dakota[/td]
[tr][td]9 (15)[/td]
[td]Marc-Antoine Dequoy[/td]
[td]Île-Bizard, Que.[/td]
[tr][td]10 (14)[/td]
[td]Brendan O’Leary-Orange[/td]
[tr][td]11 (–)[/td]
[td]Rysen John[/td]
[td]Simon Fraser[/td]
[tr][td]12 (16)[/td]
[td]Dylan Giffen[/td]
[td]Strathroy, Ont.[/td]
[tr][td]13 (8)[/td]
[td]Adam Auclair[/td]
[td]Quebec City[/td]
[tr][td]14 (18)[/td]
[td]Adam Sinagra[/td]
[td]Pointe-Claire, Que.[/td]
[tr][td]15 (–)[/td]
[td]Cameron Lawson[/td]
[td]Caledon, Ont.[/td]
[tr][td]16 (19)[/td]
[td]Tyler Ternowski[/td]
[tr][td]17 (–)[/td]
[td]Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund[/td]
[td]Southeastern Louisiana[/td]
[td]Dartmouth, N.S.[/td]
[tr][td]18 (20)[/td]
[td]Jesse Lawson[/td]
[tr][td]19 (12)[/td]
[td]J.J. Molson[/td]
[tr][td]20 (–)[/td]
[td]Jack Cassar[/td]
[td]Mississauga, Ont.[/td]

(Player’s ranking from the CFL Scouting Bureau: Fall Edition in parentheses.

I’m sure that all of your teachers are thrilled to hear/read your evaluation of their skills . It appears that you feel that those 10 years of education were wasted on you .

Pat Lynch ( a former gym teacher )

Very sorry if I offended you Pat. Was trying to be lighthearted.

Please accept my apology; us old guys have to stick together.

We’re all good MadJack. :slight_smile: Have a safe and happy Christmas for you and your family .

Pat Lynch ( another old guy )

The very same to you Pat.

I remember when my nephew was his high school QB. I offered him some unsolicited advice and he asked me “were you ever any good Uncle Mike?” not in a condescending way but just as a way to judge the value of my advice (his dad had been a high school QB and a backup with the Hurricanes) and I answered honestly “no”. I don’t think he took my advice (unless he checked with his Dad beforehand). However being “good” as a player does not magically mean you are “good” as a coach. In other words there are few Ron Lancasters out there.

So the Wetenhalls have thrown their hat back into the ring after selling the team 6 months ago. :o

There is nothing more CFL than this.

David Braley owning two teams at once?

Very close.

Hey… in higher ed. it’s: those that can, do; those that can’t, teach, and those that have no clue become administrators.

(I should know. ?)

Well that certainly makes more sense !

So I just gotta ask… but I’m guessing that an administrator is much the same as being a stupid-visor then ? ;D