Off Season depth chart

HAMILTON — On paper, the Tiger-Cats have the look of a team that should cruise to an East Division title and contend for the city’s first Grey Cup since 1999.
It’s been 20 years in the making, but Ticats fans have plenty of reasons to be in their seats every time Jeremiah Masoli takes to Tim Hortons Field. Masoli led the league’s most exciting offence last season, leading the CFL with 405.6 yards per game and an average of 9.1 yards per play through the air.

While there’s new leadership from within, with aspiring young coach Orlondo Steinauer taking over the reins for his first professional head coaching job, there’s no reason the Ticats can’t repeat their breakout season under veteran coach June Jones. Jones will continue to lead an offence that boasts an awe-inspiring array of weapons across the board.
If Steinauer, a renowned defensive specialist, can elicit the expected results alongside new coordinator Mark Washington, fans have plenty of reason to believe they’ll be watching their team try to win a championship on Nov. 24 in Calgary.

2019 draft picks are not included.

Not how I would have drawn things up but we will see.

Hosware is not a National.
I don’t see Jordan as our RT with or without the return of Matthews.
Would be shocked if Leonard is our #1 KR/PR
Daley not starting Safety…hmmmm
Saunders starting SB, is this the week 7 depth chart?
Erlington starting RB?
Tracy starting DE…please no. Mauldin over Tracy.

Fun to read but lots of changes to come for the R.1 depth chart.

Great fan Grover, what about Maleek Irons a national, might have been the best Canadian draft pick, he sure should have a spot.

These off season depth charts don’t include 2019 draft picks.

You are right
None of the 2019 draft picks were included

Our RB’s could be STE and Irons backing him up and a 4 International and 1 NAT receiver package to give Addison a starting spot with Banks, Tasker, Saunders and a NAT Jones

The same could be achieved by starting NAT Westerman with McGough to back him up
over Tracy at DE

7 NAT’s need to be on the starting depth chart, unless a new CBA states differently

Welcome to the forum.
Cats it looks like will have 3 new starters on their 4 man DLine from the Eastern Final game.
Davis, Westerman, Wynn.

New MLB and SAM for better or worse. Tuggle and Murray.
Already this depth chart has a new starting Safety. Adeleke.

There you have 6 new starters out of 12 positions with a new D Coordinator and Head Coach with out any injuries.

The 6 we did not change include all stars Breaux, Brooks, Laurent.
Former all stars in Simoni, Murray, Leonard.

It will not be close to the same D as we ended against Ottawa fortunately.

This is why it is imperative to finish 1st and have Home field advantage in the East final!

It is a massive advantage

OTT got to sit back and game plan for that East final
After watching the TiCats Offence and Defence destroy BC.

They knew exactly what we were going to do and kicked our butts.

I’m confident we will be finishing 1st this year! :slight_smile:

I do not see us going with a national at RB. With all due respect to STE , he is better as a part time back and receiver. Maleek Irons looks good and if he has a great camp he might get some reps at RB this year and could start next year if all goes well.
I see them going with Westerman at national DE

Odelke will likely beat out Daly and start at safety.

I think Leonard is better off at corner than halfback so he might compete with Rolle. I could see . I can see Hurst or Mitchel starting at half back and Dontte Wilson should start until Saunders is healthy and I think Painter will beat out Jordon if Rycker doesn’t return

8 wins is a “breakout season” ?

It appears that the Steelers didn’t sign Jesse Gibbon, the Cats’ first round pick. Hopefully he returns to Hamilton and signs with us.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)