Off season begins November 26

It all starts Tuesday morning with teams being allowed to interview other teams coaches for positions and updates on coaching expected from Toronto and Edmonton.

Who moves and who ends up filling the known vacancies in BC and Ottaw

And let the QB frenzy begin.

Zack is a pending UFA … Does Winnipeg sign him and flip one of their 2 QB’s?

Toronto if they grab Zack may have trade fodder … The Cats - can’t see them keeping mosoli and evens - who stays and who goes ? Does Ottawa stick with Davis or go after Zack or one of the other QBs on the move?

One thing is for sure the QB situation in the CFL is better than we have seen in a very long time … Every team should be able to have a legitimate #1 in the lineup next year.

Ageeed. The QB offseason should be one of the best in recent memory with major decisions coming in Winnipeg and Hamilton

ZC is a free agent. I think a team would have to be desperate at this point to give him a shot. Winning 2 games to get to the cup is much different than playing a full 18 and staying healthy. He’s a Buck Pierce or Travis Lulay. Good insurance policy.

I’ll be interested to see where Masoli shakes out. ACL injuries can be career enders and no doubt he will lose some mobility which takes away from his game.

Where does Matt Nichols end up?

Arbuckle, I assume, gets a shot as well.

Honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see BC try and get out of the Reilly disaster.

Ottawa and Toronto both need QBs.

How many guys give the XFL a shot with the dollar the way it is now?