Off. or Def. Co-ordinator

:| Regardless of coaching names out there which type of coach (Off or Def) would you prefer and think would be more successful for us after Lancaster?

a winning coach

One that has a firm grip on all 3 facets of the game and gets results.

We already have an O and D co-ordinator.
I agree we need a well rounded coach.
I have to say though, I like what Lancaster has coming in this season. He has had a chance to asses the players we have from afar. Also players he favoured like D-Mac (he's still a great player, not 1st string like Ron was wanting to use him but can produce) are no longer aorund so hopefully players will get a fair shot.

one that doesn't allow for a too many men penalty when the other team is about to concede a safety...

or perhaps one that knows how to lineup an offence with two ends.....

id like the see greg marshal of winnepeg come to hamilton, hes a great candidate

As I have mentioned before in another thread, I prefer head coaches who have a defensive pedigree and knowledge. The coach I most look up to as a Tiger-Cat fan is Ralph Sazio, who epitomized attention to detail, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. I think that has something to do what that…although many of the coaches I admire currently (Matthews and Buono come to mind here in the CFL, Belichick and Cowher in the NFL) also have that behind them.

Teams that find a consistent formula for success have to have the defensive side figured out to win championships. Even the best offensive minds who have been successful as head coaches have relied on strong coordinators to attain that. Look no further than the Pinball Clemons-Rich Stubler tandem on the blue team for that.

Regardless of who is chosen as the next coach, we need a defensive coordinator who has a system in place that that organization can build around. Whether Kavis Reed fits that bill should be crystal clear in the next 14 games, one way or the other. At this juncture I am not sold on him.

Oski Wee Wee,

Great post! I couldn't agree with you more.
I have written to this site a few times now, suggesting the team set it's sites high and go after someone like Buono or Mathews.
Your addition to my suggestion of stressing someone who is essentially defensive minded hits the nail on the head.
Good defense beats good offence every time.
Yours is the best idea I've seen on this site this week.