Off Football for a second!

Hi all;
The National Lacrosse League recently awardedEdmonton a new franchise for 2006. They held a "name the team contest" and I was one of the people who won with the entry of "Rush".
I have been awarded a certificate for two tickets from the team for any home game this season, and I would really love to come see one of (to me anyway) the most interesting cities in the world.
I will be purchasing my airfare, but I was wondering if I could get any ideas on an inexpensive place to stay close to Rexall Place?
Whomever helps me with this, and if I stay at the place they recommend, will be my guest for that game since I will be allowed two tickets.
All help is greatly appreciated.

I'll get back to ya on that one.

......hey, good for ya geo!......the NLL is awesome, my son and I have been attending Roughneck games in Calgary and I am looking forward to another rivalry with edmonton on the sports front......

.......good luck on your trip and hope you enjoy the City and the game........

Rexall Place is in a pretty crummy part of Edmonton, so your best bet is to find a hotel downtown and take the train from there to Rexall, or alternatively, you can stay at a hotel near the city centre airport, and a cab ride there won't cost you much.

Most hotels have their info on the web - just do a Google search for Edmonton hotels and you'll find prices, maps, etc.

Have fun.