OFC semi-final brawl at IWS

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/canada/montreal/story/2010/10/20/no-charges-after-footbal-stadium-brawl.html]http://www.cbc.ca/canada/montreal/story ... brawl.html[/url] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOfJfhoQgGc&feature=youtu.be]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOfJfhoQ ... e=youtu.be[/url]

Disturbing to say the least!

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My question is: why hasn't this been discussed earlier? LMAO Is this news for folks?

I've never seen anything like this at the stadium!

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From the Winnipeg Free Press (October 17th):

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/breakingnews/cops-break-up-fight-between-junior-football-players-fans-in-hamilton-105132744.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 32744.html[/url]

From The Spec (October 18th):

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/268240--not-investigating-football-donnybrook-police]http://www.thespec.com/news/local/artic ... ook-police[/url]

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Fighting with a fan is childish in my opinion, and no charges?? What is going on here, can the police not read the numbers of the players involved. Everyone that threw a punch should be charged and suspended from playing football!

Not going to argue re individual cases -- it's all on tape. I can't believe the lack of security arrangements re the organizers. UNREAL!

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About 18 seconds into the video, you'll see #40 swing a plastic milk crate at someone.

At about 1:33 of the video, if you look in the lower right section of the screen, you'll see a player with his jersey off throw a helmet at someone.

At about 1:48, you'll see a fan throw a helmet toward the players on the sidelines.

That certainly was disturbing.

I also had to wonder where any security was. And if beer bottles were being thrown at the players, how was that allowed to happen?

Another video on the incident is here: Football Brawl @ Ivor Wynn Stadium (Cable 14) - YouTube

Fortunately, there were only minor injuries, and better security precautions will be taken from here, according the that Winnipeg Free Press article.

When listening to the video commintary it sure sounds like the guy is blaming the fans. Hardly, we all know two wrongs don't make a right.
Plus there was maybe 3 or 4 fans involved against a dozen members of a football team. Discipline is needed of the coaching staff, the players involved and the league.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/268240--not-investigating-football-donnybrook-police]http://www.thespec.com/news/local/artic ... ook-police[/url]

Most of the fans were not there to cause trouble, but a few of of them
brought in their own alcohol and heckled St. Leonards the whole game.

I know it "takes two to tango' and the Cougars players were no angels
but those fans caused the problem and the Cougars players escalated it.

Mike Fabiani, a former Hamilton Hurricanes quarterback and current board member,...said

“Fans were trying to get under the The St. Leonard players skin, that’s what fans do,? he said.

“The Montreal coaches should never have let their players acknowledge it.?

Cougars head coach Jeff Rached did ask for added security in the second quarter.

Who did he ask? the Hurricanes? It was too late to get paid security.

He should have, at least, had some of his coaches or some other adults
behind their bench monitoring his players to get them under control.

If that wasn't working he should have asked the game officials
to tell the fans to move away from the Montreal bench and

the refs should have stopped the game until they did.

That seems to me to be standard practice at team sports events

and it's very effective and a lot cheaper than hiring costly security.


This is definitely a league matter that should be addressed right away.

and there should be long term suspension involved for some players.


No individual wanted to press charges after the game so the police
are left with what, by default, they consider a consensual fight,

Some fans are still thinking about filing a formal complaint

Because no one wants to pursue charges, police are left with what, by default, they consider a consensual fight, said police media officer Sergeant Terri-Lynn Collings. Police rushed to Ivor Wynne Stadium around 7 p.m. Saturday after reports of a large fracas between St. Leonard players and fans in the stands behind the Cougars’ bench.

A consensual fight?

Does this mean backyard fighting is allowed in Hamilton, so long as it's consensual?

I thought the job of police was to keep the peace and enforce the law, and that the job of passing judgement is that of the courts.

Maybe that's their way of saying that some bad fans got what they deserved.

Just throwing that out there, no idea if that's true or not.

I was a little surprised it wasn't discussed earlier too, Russ.

I couldn't believe what I saw. I thought exactly the same thing about seeing the numbers of the players. I also one of the players kicking someone who was down on the ground. Pretty brutal. Fans heckle that's what they do. There may have been some over the top loud mouths and jerks there, but those players HAD NO RIGHT to go into the stands to fight with the fans. Ridiculous. I can't believe it happened. Security was obviously an issue, but it never should have gotten to the point where they were in the stands.

You're probably correct.

It's just that in the Hamilton I know, if a wife starts a beating on her husband, the Hamilton cops will arrest the husband and haul him off to jail regardless. I guess one could say to the cop it was a consensual fight and see how far it gets you.

The footage was shown yesterday morning on CNN.

What an embarrassement.

Here we go again, bashing the Police by some who obviously have no knowledge of the law! A consensual fight is not against the law so long as bodily harm does not result. Neither a milk crate nor a helmet are considered weapons under the Criminal Code of Canada, but again, if bodily harm is a result would certainly be considered as instruments used to commit an assault. The job of the Police is to keep the peace, but if they are not at the scene until after an incident has occurred and the parties have dispersed, what exactly do you want them to do? With no victim or complainant, the probability of a conviction following countless man hours of investigation would be zero.

According to the spec there were 2 off duty cops on the scene...

This is incorrect. Anything can be considered a weapon, depending on who is holding it and their intent.

An attact occurred. It is the job of police to make the arrest.

Their job is not to pass judgement and assume it was a consensual fight.

It's one thing if there aren't any witnesses to come forward to generate a report. But there's a pretty good video of it. If I sucker punch someone at Hess Village and it's caught on the camera - I'm pretty sure I can get charged with assault whether the victim knows I did it or not. At the least, some kind of disturbance of the peace.

It also amazes me at how much Rick Rypien is getting blasted for grabbing that fan behind the bench the other night -- where here, people are siding with players who went up into a sparsely attended stadium to find people to wail on.

Again, my issue is the LACK of security present.

Unlike the Wild fan who apparently only applauded Rypien leaving the ice and said to him "way to be a professional," certain fans in the OFC brawl were throwing beer and other stuff at the players.

The level of provocation in lieu of security personnel was an invitation for caca to occur. There was plenty of blame to go around among players and fans.

Players should NEVER engage physically with fans...and fans can heckle but not be alcohol-fuelled knuckle draggers, PERIOD. Having a clue given the context would have been a good thing.

Oski Wee Wee,


True enough. But the Wild fans are right on top of that runway -- seated inside the 'personal space' of the players walking by. And, I'm sure there was much said toward Rypien as he was leaving -- not 10 seconds removed from a fight on the ice. No excuse, but that guy was well within Rypien's reach. The OFC fight required players to scale up the dugouts or over the sidewall. A lot of effort and energy to do something -- not just a heat of the moment grab.

Edit -- and, yes, definitely agree on the lack of security to diffuse the situation in both instances. And, in the Wild's case, a moronic failure with their retractable tunnel.

After reviewing the video again, #40 should be charged. Look at .19 and he brings the milk cart down hard on the top of the spectators head. There is no need of a formal victim statement.

#33 should also be immediately charged for the foot stomp on the spectator that was down. See 1:24 of the video. Again, no need for a formal victim statement.