OFC Junior Football and expanding to age 24

with many later round draft picks they come to CFL camp and maybe even land a summer job on the practice roster before returning to their CIS school for a 5th season.
With Hamilton Hurricanes, two teams in the GTA, and the Ottawa Sooners as well. A strategy could be for a CFL club to keep a rookie on the PR for the whole season and instead of returning to a school in a different region can play weekends for the local Junior team. Also nearby is the Twin cities team playing in K-W
London Beefeaters are basically connected to Western Mustangs as a JV team. Alot of Western players floating around and could have played there 5 years of CIS but still are young enough for the new 24 year old age limit. A CFL team anywhere may look to place a rookie on the PR for the summer and then with the cooperation of Western a player could go back and play a year of Junior and also possibily work on a grad degree or finish off a few credits needed for undergrad
I look at Matt Blacks brother. The Blacks live in Toronto and he was drafted by the Argos but he went to Saint Mary's for University. He could live at home be on the PR for a season and also get to play on the weekends for one of the two Junior teams in the Toronto area.