of years gone by

Its funny how time changes your perception of things:
My father an ottawa roughrider/ renegade fan for the last 60 years says he is no longer interested in the CFL , and doesnt watch any games. He is 76 now and i feel sad now because of the fact that we used to watch/talk games together and go to them.

What im trying to say is how important it is for family or father(mother)and child to cherish these special moments of watching the CFL, it truly is a great league we have here.

Is he interested in any sports night?

Interesting, my Dad was someone who was baseball, baseball in the summer and didn't give the CFL the time of day. My Dad was a great guy but as you grow up, I started learning my Dad didn't know how to value certain things in life and I'm glad I didn't grow up like him as the CFL is no. 1 for me in the summer and fall although I do watch a bit of baseball but really, baseball before the CFL? You have to be out of your mind IMHO, a total deadbeat to be like this. As I say, just my opinion, no offence Dad.

There's probably someone who grew up with a father who loved the CFL, but his son could care less about it and loved baseball.

You can't really hold someone in a different light because they don't have the same interests, I love the CFL and I watch almost all the games, but it's not appealing to everyone.

True enough Dust, I'll take back the deadbeat word, not really called for. The thing that bugged me about my Dad was that he was someone who put down just about anything that was more strictly Canadian like the CFL or CBC, it had to have a big American sticker on it for him to give it legitimacy. That bugged me about him and I'll never forget that about him. So not really a baseball vs football thing I don't think.
But my Dad was great, I sure wouldn't have wanted to raise me, that's for sure. :wink:

...it's really sad to read about nights dad giving up on the rough riders and rens...but i guess so many went that way after the Frank Claire ...Russ Jackson era.....probably why there's no team in the cap today.....i thought they were on the way back with the Rens' ...but alas the owners were ,lets just say ....found wanting..who knows one day they can be revived... :roll: