Of the top 100 paid CFLers, How many are players?

It has become clearly apparent that I was right again ,and the players got completely hosed last season. With news that the CFL is set to double the commisioners salary the question has been brought up about the BC Lions ,and the fact that their starting QB is not even in the top three for top paid employees with the franchise... With the next commishioner set to be paid almost 3 times as much as the highest paid player ,and even the likes of Chris Rudge earning signficantly more than any of the players.Even assistant coaches, who just over a decade ago, were sleeping on sofas in the head coaches basement,are now earning more than any starting player other than the starting Qb.. This leads me to question how the entire CFL is structured. Other than the starting 9 Qbs, there are only literally a couple hand fulls of players that make more than 150k/yr. Yet , every single assistant coach earns this amount and then don't forget how well paid the treasurer and a lot of the upper administration staff is paid as well.Just take a boo through the Saskatchewan Roughriders books, and you will see how the Riders spend more money on admistration and marketing than they do on player salaries... Look at the Eskimos books and see how they spent almost 8 million on players and coaches, yet the players were capped at barely 4. I would speculate that of the top ten paid individuals in the CFL that not a single one is a player. I believe Henry Burris is the top paid player at 400k... However Cohon and. Copeland, buono, hufnegal, Austin, barker, and Pop all make over 500 k. I'm sure I missing several more and we ha end even howcmich Bob Wet pays his sons to make that gold mine appear to be in red ink. I would then further speculate that along with Kevin Glen, that the 10 starting qbs last year were the only ones other than maybe Josh Bourke to be in the top 100 of paid cfl employees last season.. Like to say that less than 15 % of top 100 paid employees are players is not an exageration. Ryan Dinwiddie now earns twice as much as a coach now than he did as a player. Wally buono earns more every year than he did in his entire playing career... Is this a good thing? Or a bad thing?

...where is it written that the players should make more than anyone else in the organization, and the administration is breaking this rule?....administration (for the most part) makes more money then the players, if you cannot accept this as the way it is I'm not sure what to say

It is the way it is because players have 3 year long careers.. Ryan Dinwittie is still a 3rd year coach and has no other experience.. He's basicly an apprentice and is earning more than he did when he was out there as a pro getting belted around and sustaining microconcussions on every play...Buono played the game for 10 years but has earned 100 times as much as a coach and an executive in the 30 years since. You are out there getting your ass handed to you on a weekly basis and some kid who is an apprentice is earning double your salary?...Then some cooky old guy who spent 7 years running replays for the refs walks in and costs your team two huge games and he is earning 5 times your salary? Neither one of these guys gets hit once, but instead stand there and talk? This makes no sense whatsoever.

It boils down to supply and demand. There are tons of entry-level players who are thrilled to sign for $50,000 for the chance to continue their football careers. I recently read that several of the all-time greats first signed for $25,000 in the CFL, when that was the minimum. I guess it would make the media happier if the CFL doubled ticket-prices and paid rookies $100k or matched the NFL’s $400k…or why not a million?

The facts are there a plenty of working people who support their families on $50k a year, so that’s not exactly starvation wages, especially for only 6 months work.

Same as with management. Do you think R. Dinwittie was paid $500k as the Als OC last year…or Khari Jones in B.C? I don’t think so, but G. Cortez probably made $250k. Is that fair to Dinwittie who probably earned half that much, when coordinators in the NFL can make $1 million?. Top CFL coaches and managers don’t grow on trees and the good ones like Hufnagel or Buono command top dollar. If the Stamps and Lions won’t pay it, another team will. Same as with the players, supply and demand. if they’re so valuable they can stay in the states and wait for the phone to ring. Jerell Freeman spent a season on the Riders practice roster earning $600 per week. He said that experience made him a better player, being able to study film and learn the game. Without that, Freeman said, he never would have developed into the NFL player he is today. I’m sure B. Browner, C. Wake or C. Williams were glad they signed in the CFL, even for a minimal salary.

There are so many deliberate inaccuracies in the original post it is difficult to respond.
My Take:

The average salary of CFL players is about $90,000
No CFL coach is paid that high outside of HC and coordinators

GM: $280,000-$380,000
CFL HC range from $250,000 -$350,000
CFL starting QBs top out at $460,000

Coordinators: $150,000-$200,000

Top Receivers: $175,000-$220,000
Top RB: $150,000
Defensive: $200,000

I think I agree with a lot of your numbers. I am not sure about your Defensive player number. Do you think there is a defensive player making $200,000 right now? If Eliminiam is a free agent than maybe this will happen.

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I hope this was reliable: https://translate.google.com/#ru/en/

They are FREE to quit football and look for another profession that will pay them what they think they are worth. No issue here, their choice !

This is hilarious


Hilarious and/or pathetic. Sadly, not much has changed for the PA :cry: since those days.

When Cameron whips outr his PA card is so priceless.. The guy had been in the union for 15 years at this point and just openly laughs about it...
What a complete joke of a union..
The CFLPA make CLAC look like an actual union...lol

Well, I am sure I am not alone when I say I am not reading that bulk lump

Is he now? Please back up that rather bold statement.

You want to compare Wally's wages from 35-40+ years ago to what he makes now? LOL....that is pretty funny. You do realize that 40+ years ago players would often come to Canada because they would make more right? You do realize that inflation is insane sine then right? A pop was what, 5 cents? What is it now? So there goes that entire argument.
Also, we will, for argument sake, say that Wally was an average player. He is the winningest coach of all time. You feel that he should be paid less now? interesting.

Who, beyond the HC/GM and maybe the odd coordinator, makes double any player? You have things rather twisted if you think coaches as a hole make that.

Tell me what company that administration does not make a higher base than its front end workers. You seem to think these guys should be in awe of the players and wishing that they made as much. Sorry, but I like that coaches are on an even or higher level than player. So many other sports, the player rules the day because they are ridiculously overpaid compared to staff so it is the staff's head that will fall first.

The Staff is also putting in A LOT more hours than the players. I would speculate that most staff puts in double the hours that players are even permitted to. They also put in months more actual work than the players do. Sure, the players are working out, but they are doing that when and where they want, and for most of them it is simply a way of life...playing or not.

I would have thought that even the assistant coaches would make a lot more than the players. Most of these assistants are lured away from NCAA schools, they have to pay well to attract the best coaches.
The thing is we don't know how much coaches are paid in the CFL, even the public teams like the Esks don't breakdown the individual salaries, just the overall salary costs.

If you look at the salary cap at $4.5 Million and then add the players on the 9 game injured that would account for another $1 million that's roughly $5.5 million spent on the players salaries.
Teams are spending close to $12 Million on "football operations" which includes the players salaries, the coaches, physios, scouts, equipment managers etc. I think most teams have around 12 coaches plus the physio people, the equipment manager, trainer etc Teams are spending more money on the 15 to 20 coaches and the football support staff than they are on the players.


[url=https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/eskimos-profits-soar-despite-diminishing-attendance-operating-revenues-234951398.html]https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-5 ... 51398.html[/url]

I honestly was not trying to rehash an old thread… I guess that I should have just started a new one… Bob Cameron is priceless in this clip… To think that he played the second most games in CFL history and this is his opinion of the union is sooooooo funny… I for sure would love to have a beer with him… me and Westwood probably have too much in common to get along…lol… http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PqWTnh5kH1I

You haven't presented an accounting analysis that supports a conclusion of that football support staff are paid more than players. Take the $12M and subtract player salaries (and 9-game injured plus their benefits not included in salary cap) then take off a everything else and a couple of big ones you don't mention (practice facilities, and the biggest after salaries of travel and living expenses which is in the $1M+ range) and the case gets pretty marginal.

I agree with slant's salary numbers, they're bang-on. Jeff Tedford signed for $350k which is the extreme maximum for HC's...which is probably as much or more than the Lions GM/VP of Football Operations is making. Tedford reportedly had much higher offers from NFL and NCAA teams, but chose B.C. for the lifestyle and lower stress levels with the 7-month CFL season (after his heart problems last year as NFL OC).

Last month, Sol Eliminian signed for $700k over 3 years ($233k per season) while Adam Bighill signed for "just under $400k over 2 years". Not bad for defenders. The highest defensive salary recently was perhaps DE Joe Montford at $250k before the salary cap. (The old cap in reality was a "salary floor" with all CFL team's exceeding the cap's $2.5M salary "guideline".) The current salary cap has more than doubled since then.

The minimum salary is $51,000 this year. Not a bad base salary for a guy's first job out of college (or NFL castoff with few options, the Arena League or Canada...hmm? :wink: ).

The CFL had a $150k maximum salary for several years after the 1990's financial problems. When Dave Dickenson signed for $400k with the Lions in 2001 (after his NFL tour), his salary included a $150k base salary and a $250k personal services "marketing" contract with owner David Braley. This type of salary structure was common back then and approved by the league. The $150k maximum salary provision was mothballed around 2003 with the Salary Management System instituted soon after.