Odell Willis hit on Zach Collaros. Intepretation based on R

I ask because the Black guys (Clime and Stegall) said it was a clean hit. All the White guys (Smith, Schultz, and LaPolice) said it was a dirty hit. Obviously, Willis is Black and Collaros is White. From the way Smith was talking about it on TSN, the panel was not just creating a controversy for good tv entertainment. Each person was adamant that their position was the correct one.

I doubt anybody is racist or anything like that. I am not even taking sides on who is right and who is not. I am just saying that their postions on the issue matched what you would have expected based on race.

Really? Honestly? This thought actually came through your head as a reasonable and logical argument? Seriously?

Shut the fuck up.

Surely you can see the inherent contradiction in this ?

If you are saying that their positions matched what you expected based on race, are you not then saying that they are racist? Is not the very definition of racism making judgments based on race ??

Ignoring the ridiculous suggestion of racial bias presented by the thread creator, for my part I thought it was a clean hit. In real speed It was virtually simultaneous so it certainly wasn't late. It appeared to me that the vast, vast majority of the impact was Willis' shoulder into Collaros' chest/shoulder area. All the force and impact was directed there. It looked like the facemask of Willis made slight contact with the facemask of Collaros. It wasn't like it was the top of Willis' helmet or his shoulder that made the contact with Collaros' head. Clean hit IMO.

Edit: I watched the play again. It looks like while the initial impact was into the chest of Collaros, Willis's head appeared to slide up off the initial contact and follow through into Collaros' chin. I don't think there was any intent for this to happen from Willis though. Still makes the issue a bit more questionable.

Another point to consider, do fans want to see hits such as that or should the CFL be protecting their stars?

I turned the TV off after the hit.

It’s football not the ballet. It’s a violent sport and the time between a solid, legal hit and a late one can be less then a second. This point is proven by people being split on weather it was a good hit or a cheap shot. If this hit bothered you so much, I suggest tuning in to the Disney channel. :smiley:

Lindsay LeMar,Andy Fantuz and now our QB Collaros all out with concussions from blatant head shots and no penalties called,no fines,no suspensions,no nothing from the league period :x It' getting to be a total farce,especially it seems if you happen to play for the Cats as opposed to another team in this league :thdn: call it sour grapes,call it what you will,but IMO this league and it's officials seem to have a real hard on when it comes to the Cats and blatantly allowing this CRAP to go on and continue
without nary a flag thrown or care about the health and safety and well being of the players involved in these incidents,what a friggin' joke!!!!!Come on CFL....wakeup for crying out loud and start doing something about this,for every player,not just for certain players and certain teams only(no names mentioned)at least be consistent,or is that asking too much??? :x

Don't shoot the messenger; I was not, repeat not, suggesting racial bias. Only pointing out that the O.P. despite his disclaimer was suggesting racial bias.

Its point of contact, point of contact was shoulder to the chest pad. The hit was so hard that Zach's head went forward and helmets contacted. That will happen. This is very similar to the hit Lewis served Brouillette last week.These are legal hits in football. They are scary but part of football.

Showing the side of Odel's helmet proves that. Pretty hard to hit someone in the head with the side of your helmet.

Yup. Clean hit. Hit him in the chest. In fact, made a clear concerted effort to avoid the head.

Agree as well, good clean hit, this is not the ballet, it was 90 percent shoulder to shoulder contact and the head went back mainly because of the ferocity of this high shoulder hit and only a little bit because of the incidental helmet touching Collaros' facemask. I would say.
I also believe the colour of the skin of the panel and players involved has nothing to do with the interpretation of this hit.

The white guys didn't say it was dirty just helmet to helmet.

TS you're racist.


That photo is already after Zach's head is going backwards. OW's helmet was higher up ZC's helmet at the moment of contact


He led with his shoulder and did not leave his two feet. = Clean hit.


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....This game is not 'tiddly-winks' ...If you open yourself up and are totally vulnerable, as Collaros did and was, d linemen will make you pay...Tough to swallow...well it's a tough game...How many times did I see Buck do the same thing (lost count), wanting to make that extra effort and paid the price...I did not think it was an illegal hit, just one helluva hard one...I thought that in the Ottawa game we just played, a dirtier shot was made by a RedBlack on Willy, when Gavins tried to take him out at the knees...Now that looked like a deliberate intent to injure to me...Call me biased but I think there's definitely a difference in both of those hits on the qb., in my estimation..

well stated papalooza. Football is a rough game and that hit was a solid, clean tackle. Because it is the quarterback who got hit raises the passion in the debate. :cowboy:
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Zach Collaros faked a pass and was attempting to run for a first down... He's just another player.

Cry about it why don't you? If you want to watch a sport that is lesser in taking a hit and overall less respectable, watch hockey, baseball, golf, ping pong, or that pansy ass sport called soccer where everyone dives from getting their hair touched. If you dont want to, I dont blame you, most of those sports suck. Actually they all do.

Now, in regards to the hit, it was completely legal, your helmet is allowed to hit another helmet as long as it wasnt direct and is a byproduct of hitting a player elsewhere like Willis' shoulder into Collaros chest and then having his helmet scrap his facemask (where there is significantly less force than the shoulder to chest). So deal with it. It's Football, stop being an embarrassing crybaby and calling yourself a fan.

In my eyes not a dirty hit but certainly a reckless hit. Sure the primary point of contact appears to be the shoulder/chest area but the more important issue here is there is no time that a player should be hitting that high on on QB at all. He should be wrapping up and tackling, not barreling over the QB. I think it should have been a roughing the passer call at the very least and a fine at worst.

As Hfx said, Collaros was well outside the pocket and trying to pick up a first down. In that situation, the QB is just another player without special protection.

Last time I checked, the QB is still a Football player. A hit like last night should always be legal, like it was stated, he was out of the pocket so anything goes in regards to hitting him anywhere. There is already too much protection for the QB in the pocket, people need to stop crying when their team gets an injured player. The spirit of the game includes massive hits, it’s part of the many reasons we watch Football and not another sport. It is the most athletically endowed, encompassing every human skill set intellectually and physically. Let it be that way and accept it.