Odell Willis Goes From Whiner to Goat.

Right from the warm-ups there was pushing and shoving. The Bombers were doing it too, but replays showed often Lion players were giving shots to the head of Bomber players, right in front of refs with no penalty. Even the announcers said they were surprised on a number of occasions that BC was not called for unsportsmanlike.
How could you not catch Byrant Turner on the sidelines for most of the game with his head/eye bandaged up? Or the endzone play where Johnson made a great play to break up a play to Bruce only to have him rip his helmet of with a facemask?
Now I'm not gonna whine about these things because football is a tough sport and things like this happen. I'm just replying to your post which kind of eluded that the play of the Bombers was getting out of hand and could get ugly, where IMO it was the other way around.
But like I said, you can bet that these young guys just learned how big of a game this is, and that you need to do anything you can on any play you can to help your team win. They'll be better prepared next year for the re-match final! :rockin:

The Reffing had nothing to do with the outcome, both teams came out chippy both teams did some dirty plays The Refs did let some stuff go but from what I saw it was fairly even nobody got any advantage.

Who started the brouhaha right after the player intros? This is a honest question. I would have thought the Bombers should be on the sideline so I'm lead to believe they must have instigated, but one thing is for sure Wally was not impressed with his team at halftime for partaking in that stuff.

I think it was Banks who started the yapping first.

Wow, so many things wrong with this post....1st of all 'Twittering'...who really cares? He was disappointed he wasn't an all-star, so what? By wanting to be home, he meant for a meal, not that he didn't want to be at the game. I don't know which game you watched but O'dell had pressure all game. Give BC credit for blocking as well as they did!!

We get it... you don't like Willis.. but relax, it's all good.

Oh and by the way.....Swag. :smiley:

Its obvious to me Odell Willis thinks he’s too big for this league and that he thought he’d become the next Cam Wake.
Now he sees there’s players up here better then him, and he’s PO’d.
Any guy on my team who runs down the championship game and says he doesn’t want to be here should be granted his wishes.
For good.

he wanted to be home on thursday for thanksgiving with his family.. last time i checked the game was played on sunday..

seriously? you get that from a simple tweet.. unreal.

im gonna read too far into what you are saying here like you are doing with a simple "id rather be at home with fam on thanksgiving then here in bc on thursday doing media interviews" ( when the game is played on sunday and if this was any other week, the team probably wouldnt arrive until early saturday or late friday)

seriously.. you get all of this cuz of a tweet on a thursday when the game was played sunday?

talk about over exageration.

The tweet during Grey Cup week had nothing to do the inability of 1D Willis to make tackles on anyone other than a QB during the season.

Pretty sure the tweet didn't have anything to do with him only being able to manage a slow 4.9 second 40yd time either.

Actually, if you go back and re-read my original post there's no mention of the tweet from 1D Willis. Only that he's a ONE DIMENSIONAL defensive end with below average athletic ability. That is all.

WPG would be much better off starting Mainor and Vega as their ends next year. But since I'm not a WPG fan, I want to see them dress the weakest roster possible so please bring 1D Wills back as a starter next year.

Willis was part of the rotation of 6 dlinemen, his job was to sack the QB, I'd say he did that quite well.

Killer is Me.
From what I read he ran down Vancouver, and the Grey Cup game as well.
One of his tweets was "he couldn't wait to get out of this hoe town"
Whatever hoe means.
But I'm sure its not a compliment