Odell Willis Goes From Whiner to Goat.

This guy had a disastrous week.
From whining about not being home for thanksgiving, to playing a poor game on defence, to being involved in the pivotal play of the game.
NOw I'm not saying the loss was Willis's fault, but when you start acting like you don't care, then you have a game like this where you stand out like a sore thumb?
I don't think his teammates are too happy with him.
I don't care how good he is, if you got a bad attitude, you get rid of this guy.

Is there a link to the dialogue of the Odell Willis rantings and Jovon Johnson's response?

I've heard Johnson was quite P.O.'d with Willis and let him know it..

Here's a link to one of the articles about his tweets.

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/Williss-tweets-ruffle-feathers-during-Bombers-final-practice-134506568.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breaki ... 06568.html[/url]
Here's a link to one of the articles about his tweets. http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breaki ... 06568.html

thanks for the link benji...

admittedly, I'm curious as to what Johnson quipped at Willis for his verbal blunders....

Willis may ultimately blacklist himself out of the Peg and possibly the league as most teams generally shy away from malcontents..

This will be a leason he won't soon forget, a little humble pie never hurt anyone.

There's only one D in Odell because this guy is the most ONE DIMENSIONAL end in the CFL.

Sure he puts up some sack numbers, but there's nothing other than that. Hickman had the same number of sacks but almost DOUBLE the number of tackles that 1D Willis had. Bowman, Foley, K Williams, Charlie Hughes - - all had far more production across the board.

Take away the 13 sacks from his total of 27 tackles, and 1D Willis couldn't even manage more than ONE tackle per game. That's embarassing for an "impact" DE. Anybody check the stats from tonight? 1D Willis manages to put up ONE tackle. The most pathetic part is that once the play starts to head upfield, 1D Willis makes NO effort to get back in pursuit.

How can it be a surprise that the CFLPA didn't vote 1D Willis as an All Canadian DE? The players know who the fakes are - - especially when the votes come from the players who line up directly opposite you and have gone head-to-head.

1D Willis thinks he's going to the League next year - - that's a joke. He might get signed but there's no chance that he could make an NFL team with his size/skill set. I don't think he's close to being fast enough for the NFL either - - not even for a DE. His 40 time was clocked at 4.9 - - that's what you expect from a DT or an OLineman. So unless he's dropped a half second since he graduated, NFL teams will not be interested.

Way too small to be a 4-3 end, and absolutely ZERO coverage ability to play as a 3-4 LB. Don't be fooled into thinking 1D Willis has a "quick first step" either - - most of his sacks came from jumping the snap count and being borderline offside. Other than a spin move. 1D Willis has no pass rush moves. Once teams figured that out, it was pretty easy to block him.

Maybe he could line up as a TE? Oh wait - - tonight everyone saw what kind of hands he has.

During Grey Cup week, Defensive end Odell Willis had a Twitter fit about not being named to the All-Star team and had the audacity to say that he’d rather be at home for Thanksgiving and not at the Grey Cup. The Bombers put up with Willis and his big mouth because he was usually all business when he played football, but his performance in the biggest game of the year was a pathetic disgrace.

It seems that Butterball decided to eat an entire Thanksgiving turkey for the pregame meal and played like it in the first half. After Coach Burke apparently forced Butterball to regurgitate the turkey during halftime, Odell's play improved. However, a horsecollar tackle on Lulay led to a TD and when Butterball had a gift-wrapped pick-six, his greasy hands couldn't hold onto the ball.

It's bad enough that Willis' clumsy, sub-par play ruined any realistic chance of the Bombers winning this Grey Cup, but to disrespect his team, his fans, & the CFL in the biggest week of the season is unforgivable.

Swaggerville is dead and its mayor can get the funk out of Canada as far as I'm concerned. We don't need selfish, arrogant, players in our league, no matter how great they think they are. Odell Willis owes Winnipeg, the CFL & his teammates an apology. If he can't do that, he shouldn't come back to Canada.

Agree or Disagree?

ya your right Odell's the reason why winnipeg lost the grey cup :? your a goof man its a team game, how many times did he rush a QB into another defender for a sack, how many times did he rush the QB and QB throw the ball away this year or throw a rushed pass for INT stop looking at stats and watch the game itself for once.

Congrats to BC they outplayed everyone in the CFL for the last 2/3's of the season better TEAM! won not individual

Please quote any part of my post where I said 1D Willis was the reason WPG lost the game. Go back and re-read it....run your finger along under every word and move your lips to sound them out if it helps your comprehension.

If you want to play the "how many times" game, don't forget to include the following...

....how many times did 1D Willis completely ignore any concept of contain and get burned as the RB or QB blow past him untouched for a 1st down?

....how many times did 1D Willis actually pursue a play and make a tackle beyone 2yds of the line of scrimmage?

....how many times did 1D Willis run his mouth before a big game and piss off the best defensive player on his team, among others? Oh wait, that never happened did it?

....how many times did 1D WIllis get pancaked in the Grey Cup on one of his feeble pass rush manouvers? Archibald rag-dolled him at least once and the SB (may have been Bruce) put him on his wallet when Andrew Harris ran over him for the 1st TD.

True. While it's good to be confident and have a little bit of an ego, you gotta keep it in check before it comes back and bites you hard in the arse.

If you think Swaggerville is dead, you're as foolish as Willis. The bombers had a great season and I see no good reason why they won't be a strong team next year.

Thanks. Congrats on your win. Were still a young team and have to make some adjustments but the future looks good.

Looks good on him. Willis is a clown.
Jovon Johnson is a beast. That's the difference.

Odell should go back home to Mississippi and fly high from the trees; keeping gnats, flies, and fleas away as he blows in the breeze. Chime, Odell, chime!

When the Mayor of Swaggerville disses his team, his fans and the CFL and plays like he did in the biggest game of the year, you bury the "Swaggerville" hype and never speak of it again. We don't need prima donnas like Willis thinking he's more important than the team and hotdogs like Alex Suber taunting Arland Bruce in a Grey Cup game after breaking up a pass. That shows no class.

First take care of business and then do your little victory dance if you want to. Swagger is for losers! There, I said it.

lol Not like playing on a Holiday is some new thing is sports. What an idiot.

Suber never stopped yapping all game. Not saying the Lions were a bunch of angels or anything foolish like that but he really got away with a lot. I was really worried that the refs were letting too much of it go and it would turn into an ugly game.

No they for sure were not angels and got away with quite alot actually. From eye gouging to pulling helmets off, the Lions players were very chippy. I'm a little disappointed the Bombers did not push back more.
Learning lesson for a young team.

I don't recall seeing either of that. I do recall seeing bomber's helmets popping off with normal head on hits which has unfortunately become the norm this year. As soon as it's on itunes I'll have to pick it up.

I had no problem with Swaggerville when it started. It was about having swagger BECAUSE you are making plays.I can live with Subers actions because he was making plays. I think there is a pretty good chance Odell is gone.