Odell WILL play in Calgary

Just tweeted by the Bombers...


....confirmed....great....You beat me to the punch Kubie :thup: :rockin:

This is really welcome news with all the injuries problems on the D.

I know he's only one player, but I do feel better about our chances with him in the lineup!

Great news, and just in time considering the willis who was going to take his spot, armond, pulled a hammy in practice yesterday according to the wpg free press.

Exactly! Can you believe the injuries so far?!?!? Man!

I can't believe the other Willis pulled up lame in practice, this is just become freakish.

If our dline can't get any pressure on Burris it will be a long night.

Sigh…I think the bigger question is ‘Can our Dline stay healthy for the game’?

Injuries can bring even the greatest teams to their knees.The best thing you can hope for in this situation is that you can win and hopefully get some of these guys back asap.

slight over reaction here with the injury situation.

m bowman for courtney smith = pretty much even. c smith even has a pick. might even be better than m bowman at this time.

logan is back, suber is back..

gallant is hurt (backup), renaud is hurt (that one might sting)..

d at the sttart of the year =


i think our sp teams problems in game 1 really.. was due to ls bestard not doing his job. week 2, meh, a missed fg return.. we arrent the only team to give up sp teams points this year. last week we scored a sp teams td.

injuries happen.

now, if doug brown or jovon or lobo got hurt..then maybe we'd have some issues but really.. what ur gonna see tomorrow outside of 3 starters on d, the punter and 1 sp teams player is basically the guys who played week 1.

tomorrows d =

hunt,brown,hopkins(looked good last week),willis.
c smith,lobo,ike.

d smith, m bowman, craver.. thats the only changes from week 1 to the starters on d atleast.

renaud being out.. hurts but u can dress the extra canadian to play sp teams.
gallant hasnt done much this year on sp teams so u put chris smith in there for him.
jyles in for buck.. the rest of tthe o is the same.

injuries have been over exagerated.

A lot of the guys have stepped up and played well which is fantastic. I think the bigger concern has to do with the rotation especially with the d-line and LBs.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that Stewart started at HB in game one, and Craver was the other corner, not Glover.

In any case, I'm pretty sure Stewart is starting tomorrow, and Suber is taking Kent's place...

And the injuries aren't exaggerated, although we are getting some starters back, there certainly has been a pile on combinations of players on defence, which certainly hurts in continuity and familiarity, ie, without the injuries, the defence would likely have progressed to better than it currently is. And Blue Blood is correct, as she usually is...the worry is more at the LB and Dline areas, as the secondary backups have proved they can stand in...(and we have more of them available)

no you're right.. wasnt thinking completely when i made that post. b stewart was indeed in for craver. yup.

i hear what ur saying, its not so much the starters. its the depth and u need depth.

what i like is so far.. the guys who have replaced our injured guys really havent done so badly.. hopkins, douglas, kent or d brown jr for that matter (good at kickoffs it seems). m bowman and courtney smith, both have played WIL and have looked good.

i guess what im saying.. people were concerned with our lack of depth at the start of the season.. so far our depth players, id put douglas in there also.. have looked ok. lets see if they can continue, its good to know early.. u need depth to win grey cups.. so far we have it.. its week 5.. not week 10 even.. id rather find out now if we have the depth needed incase of injury. if these guys suck.. they will be replaced and new guys will be brought in.

I think what I'm concerned about is the depth behind the 2nd or 3rd string guy at this point, due to the injuries we've had.

ie...Hopkins has played great playing for Smith, but how good is the guy behind Hopkins?

more like.. who is the guy behind hopkins?