Oddsmakers Odds on 2017 Grey Cup Winner

IMO, the Lions have the best secondary.

Also, I agree the Lions have the best receiving group.

I am still predicting a Lions - Cats Cup.

I see Duane Forde is still beaking off about the divisions.

Even in pre-season, he will just not let it go. :roll: :roll:

I like and respect Duane as a colour guy. :thup:

Like all others, he has a right to his opinion.

However, he needs to just do his job and stop the crusade.

Take it up with the new commish, and give my ears a rest.

Thursday night was the topper.
" There are those who do not agree, but I know I am right "

Who says stuff like that ?

Looks like BC to me as GC winners :thup: :thup: . Simply The Best. Hamilton for the east.

BC is very good. The destroyed Sask’n like there ws no tomorrow!

So long as Jennings plays most gmes - they’ll win min. 12 games - possibly 13 or 14

Calgary should be there to confront them at the end; BLM still a great QB despite poor showing @ 2016 Cup.

Beginning to think Edmonton is 1-man show w/ Reilly holding fort. Corky waiting for Reilly or Franky being made available as Edmonton needs more good players than they actually have.

Winnipeg still lost in space. The Junkyard Fog, Mike O’Shea now armed w/ a 3 yr contract. If the bombers come out of the gate shabby - O’Shea will start daring Wadzilla to off him.
Kyle Walters drafting another dud at #1 (Ekakitie) plus a no-show at #8 (Gray) will no doubt come back to haunt him.

Sask’n is a hot steaming pile of Corky Poo. But nowhere else to go but up. How much up is the question - from 3 Ws to 6 would be exceptional.

Winnipeg fans won’t mind their side going from 11 wins to 9 or 10 - but if they fall down to 8 or less - I suspect O’Shea and/or Walters will be axed at season’s end. Where art thou Jimbo Barker???

Good call for sure. Thanks