Odds on Plop taking the Rider Job

It would prolly have to be head coach & offensive coordinator combo to bring Plop into the $375k to $410k arena - money which he cannot make in Winnipeg, no matter that he’s the highest paid assistant in the league (*June Jones)

Right now I’d put the odds needle at 61% in favour of Plop moving West . . . .

Few reasons -

  1. Plop is the soul outlier on the Bombers coaching & managing group - he’s not part of the canadian mafia - and still has sore ears from the whipping he took at the hands of the grossly incompetent Joe Mack a few years back.

  2. The money is life altering - and may not be available anytime in the next few years, perhaps too long for Plop to keep waiting. $400k vs. $240k, guaranteed over the next 4 to 5 years (I wouldn’t take a 2 or 3 year contract Paul, not in Regina anyways)

  3. on the downside - while the money is enormously enticing, the Riders unsettled QB situation forces the needle to set at only 61%; also inheriting a staff he’s bound to for the balance of the season - and what to do with the Bob McAdoo as his assistant?

Should explain the outlier effect. Outliers are not really part of the clique wherever they may roam. When you look at the bomber mafia, etc. you’ll find a CEO (Wadzilla) who would not be attractive in any other market, a GM who’s still seen as somewhat green and doesn’t have exemplary american player contacts and a coach who’s got a career .500 mark and seems to be puzzled easily and not exactly a great offensive mind (to put it lightly). Whatever the woes in Regina, QB-wise, Plop knows he might just have to take a bullet this year (5-13 to 7-11 looms) before he and his organization can make a solid play for his preferred boy (aka Chris Streveler) while he fiddles & diddles with mopes like Kevin Glenn, JJ Jennings, etc. this season.

In the end Plop is the only guy in the bomber coaching and management group who would be seen as a healthy acquire by almost any CFL organization.

Agree about the love for Lapo in Sask but I don’t see it happening unless as previously mentioned the wife says so. Lyle makes a good point about $400,000 being an enticing factor in looking at it.

Rider posters have it figured out with internal shuffling that sees McAdoo, Craig Dickenson, and Jason Shivers step up their roles. I think it goes something like that.

More important imo to get the GM position filled and I do not think Jeremy O Day should be that last man standing, win the position by default guy. Geroy Simon maybe.

Main reason the Bombers hired Lapo (the outlier) in the first place was to eliminate him as a potential replacement for O Shea. Must have been the year after they threw Marcel B under the bus and of course were still running with Drew Willy. Anyway… I think Lapo plays this year out with the Bombers and looks again in 2020. Possible job then in Halifax as well although Sask will cough up more cash imo.

Adios and good fortune to Ian Wild who was likely making decent money. His experience will be missed. Still younger then Bighill but thems the breaks. Funny when they sign Rempel or Miller they talk about never being able to have enough of the vast wealth of special teams knowledge the players bring only to let one of their own best special teamers go. A bit more physicality would have been nice but the Bombers got a lot of game out of Wild over the years.

Hearing Medlock signed at $135,000 so assuming they want us to think there was no signing bonus again. Guessing $50,000 sounds about right. Hopefully not US funds.

I’ve always touted Ian Wild as a potential coaching genius, based on his quick study approach to playing - his league experience, demeanor, etc.

I imagine Ian might try to snatch one more year of CFL salary as a travelling hobo MLB/LB before calling it a day . . . around $130 to $140k if I have his contract estimated accurately.

Linebacker coach or somesuch w/ the Bombers prolly pays no more than $70 to $82.5k so a huge drop; however a year at LB coach, show some smarts and the defensive coordinator spot beckons - $140 to $165k

Money talks. Could see a minimum three year deal.

Would leave Bombers in a pinch with all the other coaches being defensive or special teams minded. No chance they would be open to an outside guy coming in imo. Buck would be a sacrificial lamb to step up.

Sask may not be better with Lapo but Bombers would likely be worse with him gone. Could see a plan to slide more money his way to keep him here this year by hiring the wife or some other tricky move.

If he goes he always has TSN to fall back on while collecting pay cheques from Sask after he gets blamed for a lack of success and sent packing again.

Lyle can reduce his odds to 0% :smiley:

Both of us were under the impression that when Jones bolted, Reynolds and/or O’Day had reached out to bomber mgmt and received permission to talk to LaPolice.

Ay, here’s the rub . . . .

When the Redblacks refused permission to talk to their OC, Hector Elizondo, and the league didn’t override that decision - the bombers must have asked themselves - OK, Ottawa didn’t let their guy talk - why should we play Mr. Nice Guy and inconvenience our entire operation just because Chris Jones pulled a late, fast one?

Even Kelly Moose, the new sports director at bomber radio station CJOB had stated on the air the bombers had been contacted mid-week and had granted permission to the riders on Plop…

If Riders hadn’t gone after Elizondo, they’d probably have LaPolice planning free agent camps, trying to find a better QB and plotting offense. Instead they’re down to Marc Trestman, Mikey Benevides, CD Dickenson or Rabid Roddy Reinbold (real outsider here)

…From what I can gather, Lapolice was told he could interview for the position…by whom I’d like to know???Now that the Bombers have told the riders to take a hike on trying to hire Lapo, Paul comes out with ‘I’m not happy’ but I understand’’'What a stupid comment to make…He should have taken a que from Elizonda and kept his feelings to himself and his mouth shut…He’s intimating that he’s a unhappy employee…I think he’s royally screwed himself here and if the offence takes a dive I hope we have someone in the wings…To be quite honest I wasn’t that thrilled with some of Lapolice’s offence last year in any event…Maybe a parting of the ways in the offing …later rather than sooner…Don’t get me wrong…I have no problem with a coach trying to better himself but not at the expense of his present employer…The timing is all wrong and Lapo should know that…How do we get an oc at this late date that would be credible…

I can understand Plop being unhappy - which means he was preparing to accept the Riders job(s) if they had been offered (which appeared obvious)

Big monetary difference as Mrs. Plop must have seen the dollar differential; bombers at around $230 to $240 for Plop guaranteed for a year or 2 - Riders coming in hot (due to Jones sudden yanko) at around $390 to $425k w/ min. 4 yr guarantee. Difference = min. $150k per year, up to $200k x 4 yrs = $600k to $800k

But here’s where I can’t blame Wadzilla, Walters or O’Shea. If you wanna blame someone - blame Chris Jones. 100% PLUS

I don’t see how there needs to be any “blame” in any of this. Jones was contacted 8 days ago and offered a job in the NFL a few days later…can’t blame him for taking it. Teams have announced their staffs and made plans…can’t blame them for saying no. I think if it was a few weeks ago then he gets permission. Can’t blame Lapo for being upset either…it is missed opportunity. I see no wrong in it though, unless they are not done fighting over an out clause.

But yeah…I had heard from 3 people who should be very in the know that permission had been granted and then it was in the news a day or 2 later as well…that’s the weird part.

…Bombers let Lapolice interview for the Argo head coaching job…The timing of that and the refusal now should be the only criteria we should be judging this on…Did Lapo actually think that the Bomber brass would be head over heels with the advent of allowing him to walk NOW…Lapolice should have known better but can’t blame him for trying…To have ill feelings toward the club (if that is in fact the case and is being rumoured) then I think he may have pooped in his own nest

That’s the thing about jobs for life. Succession planning is not part of the routine.

Buck would have to be the guy and I’m not sure how that would work out.

It would seem that way. Not sure when his contract is up but thinking he will insist upon the escape clause for sure in the next one.

My take is the Bombers are not playing nice as is their privilege to do so. Good points raised in other posts about the Bombers hiring Lapo the head coach in February (2010). Considering how late Trestman came on board for the Argos in 2016 I tend to agree that mid January timing is not as big of a deal for a coordinator as compared to a head coach.

Truth is probably closer to the Bombers don’t have a clue how to run an offence without PLAP imo. Certainly struggled prior to his arrival.

Might be time to start thinking about a replacement though. There will come a day.

Riders should request permission now to talk at the end of the season and see what answer (or excuse) they get.

Don’t believe I have actually seen the Winnipeg football operation news release yet although most other teams have announced theirs. I think there is something to do with an O’Shea extension that they are not keen on making public but that is just speculation. Typical Wade.

I really think the Riders can still get Plop into their fold!

How, you say?

Fairly easy, I say!

Just get Plop and the riders to initiate legal action against the bombers - does side-winding ambulance chaser Tony Merchant have a law office in Winnipeg?

Wadzilla won’t want to go to court - too fearful of what questions might be asked about bomber operations, etc.

He’d cave fairly quickly and let Plop ride into the western sunset - perhaps settling out of court for a player, a draft pick or a wad of cash. Actually, strike the cash - bombers being fully funded now by our provincial PC govt.

there is actually some verbiage in his contract that is causing the tension as to why he is saying he felt it was within his right to interview for it

Maybe if the riders gave the bombers $ 70,000 they would let him go , lol

…IF indeed Lapo had an out clause it most likely expired and the reason Bomber management won’t entertain his leaving…Let’s be reasonable here…sure you would like to give the guy a chance to advance…and they did earlier with the Argo application…but c’mon…the dates between that shot at a hc job and this current one for the riders are far apart…Why is it that everyone can be down on the Bomber decision and not on the Ottawa one…Of course it’s Bomber concerns here BUT the rest of the media???..I call bull$hit…If Paul wants to take a hike next year…then adios fare thee well…We would have time to seek out a new OC with plenty of time to work with…not the short notice he was trying to give us now…I’m sure we could attract a new offensive co-ordinator considering the status of our club heading for a Cup…Will Paul not give us a 100 percent this year because he’s disgruntled? HMMMM a guy looking to keep up his profile around the league should and I’m sure he will give it all

Papa - good analysis. If Paul still bolts (chance if the riders & plop pursue legal action and scare the bejeebers our of Wadzilla) the bombers might be down to 3 choices for OC, and 4 of them aren’t good.

  1. Buck Pierce.
  2. Brian Dobie.
  3. Marcel Belleifuielle.

Everyone already knew that they were dirty pukes. Pretty sure they have been in this scenario before.

Kind of confirms that the Bombers are in the same boat but it is the nature of the sporting world to compete.

Both Ott and Wpg are all in on the Cup this year. Trevor Harris needs to be re-signed but I don’t think he will leave Ottawa even if Elizondo went elsewhere. Andrew Harris can’t go forever, Bombers know their opportunity is now. Losing their OC would set them back.

Wonder if Danny Mac remembers anything other then where they put the office donuts,