Odds of Corey Holmes wearing green and white next year...

doesn't his contract expirte after this season?

he didn't look too happy on the sidelines tonight. and Hamilton doesn't seem to have many screen plays designed for him. he doesn't get a lot of touches. (doesn't help when we won't kick it to him...lol)

Wonder what the odds of us getting him back next year.

I would wager 50-50 odds...

I think our odds are pretty darn good. If you watched, after every play corey holmes got tackled or was on the ground, who helped him up?? A ticat?? NO It was always a roughrider player! Haha you can tell everyone would love to have him back! I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him back!

Ha, the moment the trade happened i said he would come back after this year. The very day the deal went down i said it.

Same here.....I'm sure Mr. jm02 is sick of me saying it, too!!

Could be wrong, but I have a feeling he'll be back.....

lol yea definitely, thats what my whole family was saying too!

lol, he'll prolli be back, unless tillman doesnt want him, which would be the worst move (not signing him)in the history of moves

Butler for Holmes..throw in Eddie Davis since he will follow Shivers to Ottawa anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

We will have to make some heavy roster cut this season, you really think we can afford him? Even if he takes a contract for $1,000.

All I can say is that Tillman had better be a budget master to get Corey Holmes while cutting that much from the salary.

Holmes will be back in Riderville.

i think the chances are nice :smiley: but can we afford him and will Ottawa pick him up?

Well, if thats the case, he might just be playing for the Roughriders after all. . . Whether there's a space or not!

well i was just refering to next years salary cap :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be great to have Corey back in the Green and White. He's got the weapons to demolish a defence if used properly. Still, even if he doesn't come back to Saskatchewan I'm not worried about our Running back situation since we got great young talent with Bracey and Dorsey, plus Keith in the mix.

Holmes’ stock will be higher next season, the CFL will change the blocking rules on kicks before the beginning of next season which bring Holmes back into the mix of dangerous players.

For this reason i dont think the riders can afford him, my guess is he ends up staying in Hamilton or maybe heading west to BC since they lack a quality backup.