Odds and Sods - West Semi - Bombers at BC

2nd play of game....Randell picks off Jennings
Blue cash in a Harris plunge, after some hard running
Lions drive down to the Blue 14.....
...but Leggett forces Jennings to fumble...Bass recovers..
Passes to Dressler and Adams...couple of BC penalties.....
...sets up Medlock FG......Bombers out of the gate - 11-0
Andrew Harris running like he wants to finish business....
Blue D vanishes...BC marches 75 yds for TD, in short order...
Blue pull double end-around fake....hits Dressler for 60 yds...
Next play. Nichols hits Smith on wide open post pattern 27 yd TD
Bombers throwing it down the field to Smith, in this one.
The play action is giving the Lions D some trouble...
...Nichols then rolls out and hits that Smith fella for 35 yd TD
...Smith making me eat something, with my gin, at this point.
BC 6 penalties - Blue 0....not sure how long that will last.....
Moe Leggett still making plays....so is Randle.....
25-6....looks good. But Bombers can't stand prosperity.....
Wild misses tackle on Rainey (along with 3 others) for big YAC
Wild then whiffs on Johnson's TD run....just like that.....
25-15. Not getting the pressure on Jennings...we had at start....
McDuffie not getting much room on kick returns......
Nichols bombs down the sideline to JFG.....sets up Medlock FG..
The ole even up process begins...Bombers take 3 penalties
...on BD drive to help set up Jennings TD run...
Loffler called for playing through the ball - and cold cocking Manny A.
Bomber D can't close the deal on 2nd down BC conversions....
BC challenges on long pass defended by Randle...they get it....
...which completely flips field position....
...but Lions get called for roughing the kicker...
...and passes to Smith and Denmark get them in position for Medlock.
31-19.....a few more stops on D....and things are looking good
Ok, things are not looking good.....Lions march right down the field.....
....Jennings hits Sinkfield for TD. 31-26 Bombers....D looks worn out.
Hoping for game saving turnover.....or else.
Next series....D playing way off receivers and not getting pressure....
Jennings breaks pocket...runs it 15 yds for the TD........BC 32-31.....
After McDuffie return...Nichols trots out with 58 sec left.....
2nd down pass knocked down......3rd and 4....gamble time...
Incredibly ....Medlock come out to attempt 61 yarder in dead air dome...
...which falls well short......game over.
Wonder how Nichols felt, when that call was made?
But this loss is not on him or Medlock....
... or even MOS.....tempting as that might be.....
..it falls right on this defense, which blew a 25-6 lead.....
Down the stretch...simply no rush, no cover, no tackling......
Looked like a Jim Daley D out there. Terrible.
This team made strides...but still missing some pieces....
I have made strides....but still missing some bottles....

Medlock comes out to attempt a 61 yarder, biggest kick of the season, using a kicking tee which he has not used once this year or even used it warming up for that kick.

True enough though, there was one decision that could’ve swung the game, but in reality it was the play calls and execution throughout the second half that lost us the game. We tried to make a 12 point half time lead stretch out for another 30 minutes and came up short.

.....I'm not letting O'Shea off the hook....that was an amtuerish call from a guy who has been around how long now?...4 yards and you attempt a bloody 61 yard field goal...I could have called that one better...Cripes, at the beginning of the game the o line pushed Harris for five or six on one play...No...this one is on Mike O'Shea....There was 34 seconds left on the clock...one more first down or better puts us easily in Medlocks range...bad kicking tee or not....That was a bull$hit call that cost us the season and you can bet a lot of people in management and the fans are quite aware of that fact...Good luck to Mike O getting a long extension with that type of play calling...AND it's that type of play calling that really makes me wonder if he'll ever be the kind of coach that can take us all the way..
Players luv him....but a lot of paying customers don't :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I can't believe some people are defending the decision to kick the field goal either. I don't care who your kicker is, a 60 yarder in dead dome air is pretty much an impossibility. But I wasn't surprised at the decision, we found ways to lose games all season and this just encapsulated it. The team found ways to win all year despite the decisions coming in from the sidelines.

Our O had 31 points, 465 yds in offense, no sacks, no turnovers. Should of been good enough.

The D flat out lost this game

Yes, we can blame the decision to kick all we want but the problem was letting BC stroll down the field. BC didn’t win as much as we let them win. Go ahead and blame the kick but our D would never be able to stop Calgary. Look at the game we lost against Ottawa as the perfect example. After that game I knew we were in tough. With the way our D played we would have to meet Offenses that were inept to keep going. The stupid coverage tactics hurt us all year. I am still shaking my head.

…You bring up a very valid point Dan…The Ottawa game…We had the chance to salt away a home playoff game and watched the Redblacks march down the field at will and watched our home playoff walk out the door with them…I, like you, got a bad feeling after that one…It was an all to frequent failing…we couldn’t seem to stop someone’s mother-in-law never mind an opposition’s receiver and on occasion running back…Playing off receivers the way we did was inviting disaster and the inevitable occurred…How do we correct it??? It could be that Ritchie Hall’s type of defence and Hall himself has had the game pass him by…We should be looking at alternatives as his contract is up…BUT WAIT…Mike O said yesterday that the ‘whole gang’ will be back next year for more of the same, I gather…We cannot continue the way we left off…Basically it was not successful…Is O’Shea wanting more of the same???If you measure success by just making the playoffs and a ‘one and done’, when the Cup is the objective…well that ain’t gonna wash…There has to be changes and there better be heavy competition for positions going forward, player wise…We have some good news and that Chungh ‘apparently’ is not a free agent…The Bomber fa list was revealed and he wasn’t on it…hmmmmm…IF that is the case a solid o line pic would do wonders and we could end up with an elite group…I hope it’s true regarding Chungh… we’ll see…I wouldn’t be opposed to going after Franklin in Edm…I know Matt had a solid year but I’m not completely sold on the guy…Besides he’s an fa and might want to move on…Which brings me to our head coach…Poor decision making is still haunting this guy…I think we stick with him but if there’s no better results next year…adios…He has to learn that sticking with certain players and not wanting change is a detriment to the team and his own longevity as a coach

The positives of the year far surpass the negatives but the negatives are what did us in. Maybe we should get rid of Hall. The guy I wish we still had is Mark Nelson. I like his style of defense.....O'Shea while still making mistakes has changed some things. He did pull Nichols in one game, albeit too late for my liking. We have to have the killer instinct like Calgary has. One more year of MOS to prove himself. I really thought we should have inserted Ned Flanders along with Harris into the scheme of things. Imagine that one-two punch. BC wouldn't have known what hit them..Those are the mistakes I don't like... Mac Duffie stays as returner PERIOD. I like that guy. I really like Fogg too.......AH WELL

Missing Fogg was bigger than anyone realized. McDuffie, while adequate to excellent on kickoffs is mediocre on punt returns, unable to discern distance and when to concede rouges and get 35 yard advances vs. getting smothered near the goal-line.

Fogg wouldn’t have been much better on kick-0ffs cuz the bomber blocking unit was generally over-powered by BC’s fierce pursuit. ie. NO ANSWERS

Rich Hall coming back with his shopping basket of paper bags and empties is extremely disconcerting. Hall was able to hide his defensive disabilities behind 11 bomber wins. But that loss to Ottawa at home (listless) and allowing BC to walk all over that defense will only act as a deterrent to season ticket sales - if Hall is brought back I suspect season tix will recede a minimum 5%, perhaps 10%. If someone of note like Tom Higgins is brought in - season tickets may only recede 1 to 3% . . . . obviously I can’t see the bombers lighting up the off-season season ticket sales, even if they reduced prices. Which they won’t! :cowboy:

I have been a bomber fan for a while. This board has become a place where keyboard warriors could be better coaches and general managers.

truth is players play, coaches coach.

Offence is not the problem = 465 yds, no sacks, no turnovers.
Defense = major problem this year.
Special Team = one of the top teams this year

Mike O is a young coach that has changed the culture of this team over the course of the year. As any young coach there will be decisions we are left questioning, this is part of development. My biggest concern is that a veteran defensive coach is not getting his players to perform consistently. I think Walters and Mike O have put a great product on the field in the short time they have been here. They didn't build Rome in a day, so lets be realistic of this teams goals. These guys have made chicken salad out of chicken sh***t, and the future looks bright.

I applaud Mike O stating this team will be in tact and back next year. There will be an off-season to reflect and bring in the missing links and it is exciting to see.

it is very easy to run coach after coach and GM after GM out of town. But history will keep on repeating itself if you do this. you need a foundation before you build the house. Our fans want the house before we dig the hole.

Great Season Boys! I look forward to next year to build on the positives we showed all second half of this year.

Couldn’t agree more. Good post :thup:

I think Kyle Walters has one year left on his contract - I suggest re-upping him immediately for 3 years (including the year he has left) plus boosting his salary for making playoffs with a 4 game over .500 record to boot. Drafting has improved dramatically. I also think I was correct in advocating for removal of vermin like Lyle Bauer, Maggot Kelly, Joe Mack, Garthy Buchko, Ross Hodgkinson, Timbo Burke, Gary Etcheverry, Marcel Bellfoil, etc. I was slightly circumspect bout Brendan Taman but his fatal flaw was trading away future for washed up vets. Always liked Plop (Paul Lapolice) and thought he was given short shrift when Lord Lyle decided to bring up an old bum buddy in Kelly to replace Plop.

Most bomber fans went absolutely ga-ga about the above ‘Nate’s List’ - most bomber fans thought Bauer was god, Kelly an offensive genius, Mack an artifact from 80s success, Buchko a marketing genius. The others were just itinerant journeymen. If you look at the entire list you will notice that all former bomber management and upper level coaches ARE NO LONGER WORKING IN ANY CAPACITY, ANYWHERE IN THE CFL. Plop is still working and Brendan Taman probably has at least a 50/50 chance to re-surface as junior management (Asst. GM somewhere in CFL) in next couple years. But frauds like Bauer, Kelly, Mack, Buchko, Hodgkinson, Burke, Etcheverry, Bellfoil, etc. have been dispatched into football purgatory!

As far as Mike O’Shea is concerned. Regardless of some spotty and unusual coaching decisions this season I’d bring him back. 11-7 is pretty darn good. Both O’Shea & Walters deserve being disciplined for the ridiculous faith they placed in Drew Willy but they pulled a fast one over Jim ‘Carnival’ Barker in getting a 1st overall and TJ Heath for a guy who’s in the process of washing out of the league. For that, give O’Shea a 2 year contract with a 4 or 5% bump - perhaps a win/.playoff bonus in lieu of any increase. O’Shea will probably yang for a 3 yr contract or else threaten to go elsewhere. Only problem with give the stoic man an extra year is if the team goes south again next season - you have to pull the plug on a man with a fresh 3 year deal. Of course, Wad Miller doesn’t really care about sunk costs - cuz he’s gonna have a tough time selling 20,000 seas. tix next season w/ Rich Hall running that defense.

At some point in next 18 months Miller will be going cap in hand to provincial premier for mo’ money blues. . . . . . prolly 4 to 5.5 million - same amount as he’ll probably ask as mortage forgivement this spring!

Mike O'Shea will get his extension but I wouldn't give him much credit for the turn around based on how the players are giving all the credit to Nichols. Sounds hard to believe but he (Nichols) provided the leadership and winning attitude that this team was missing.

Walters does still have a year left on his contract and has built a decent team (albeit 4 years just to get to decent isn't anything to write home about). I do give Walters credit though considering he hasn't gotten enough help from his scouting department and has had to rely more on free agents and the draft more than anything. But, he did hire the scouts so that is his problem.

Hall has taken a major step back from his glory days as a DC in Regina (2 GC's in 4 years was impressive) but it's time to send him down south to an NFL camp for a refresher course on how to coach.

Lapo choked again, I don't think he will ever be able to shed the 'under performer' label. This was his first year back and we'll see if there is any progress made next year but a leopard doesn't change it's spots.

So, without player upgrades on both O & D I don't see this team going much further than they did with the same cast of coaches.

…I have to agree pigseye…O’Shea has not been any different from the day he first arrived…Great with the players with ‘bozo the clown’ game time decisions…He’s had enough time to show better than he has to this point…I concur that he will be extended but IF we don’t continue to improve next year the writing will be on the wall…Nichols did make a big difference and I think he has the smarts to take this team further but will the cast of coaches follow suit…Which brings me to the coaching in general…LaPolice is Lapolice…get’s you there …just…Ritchie Hall needs to be replaced, he’s bordering on Etcheverry competence…which we’ve seen and booted…

…Walters has done a pretty good job and is getting better…definitely a keeper BUT you can bring in all the talent in the world, and if it isn’t being used properly, the club will remain in neutral going nowhere…So we have expectations out there and like the last 25 years and counting expect a successful run for the Cup…Will that occur??? With the right changes and additions in the offseason…I’ll give it a maybe.

I think this is a very pessimistic view point.

Winnipeg has all of the following:

Young upcoming coach (no different than a rookie, will make mistakes and growing pains, and will learn from mistakes)
Starting QB (this is a QB league, need to have one to be successful)
Special Teams (one of the top in the league)
Culture (players coach who has created a different but positive culture to the club, this year a winning attitude)

missing link = defense. (defense wins championships. you can score all the points you want but need the proper system to stop the opposition)

I really like Mike O. He is a blue collar worker mentality in his day to day interactions from what i have seen at bb practice.

Give this team some time. This year was the first true year Walters and Oshea have been able to put their people in place. Remember the lack of talent pool and the roster was created from our past leaders....

if you keep calling for our foundations head, you will always be in the same place you have been for the past 10 years as a falling house. Unless the BB have a losing season next year you need to keep the current people at the helm in place.
consistency breeds a winning culture. turnover creates churn and uncertainty.

Some of the best head coaches get criticized. Mike O needs to build a better talent pool under him (defensive coach). if he doesnt this will be his own fate.

I look forward to seeing what Walters does during the draft. Exciting times for this team that we haven't been able to be excited about since 2008 Grey Cup appearance.

we should all be very excited about 2017 after the large step in a positive direction in 2016.

Everyone has good points, even ole negative Lyle.

I think we would be foolish to get rid of Nichols. He may not sound or look like the leader we want but he definitely is what we have been searching for, for years. Good stats, good decisions and an accurate rifle arm. I have great confidence in him. We do need to give Davis some time. He may just be a Franklin type and we don't know....Can Hall change his spots on D ? I don't know. I hope he can.

This team has turned the corner and they are exciting just like the old Bomber teams. That's what I like the best, the excitement. I don't think anyone can say they were dull this year. They gave us hope and something to cheer for. I consider this year a success.

Everyone has good points, even ole negative Lyle, but I really like pegfan1111's attitude. :thup:

…IF you’re referring to my post, that’s your opinion…I would rather call it ‘constructive criticism’ rather than pessimistic…You can only keep failing so long and fans will tune you out…Was it a failing year…by some peoples standards it was…Making the playoffs is definitely a start BUT 'a one and done doesn’t put me over the moon…After all this time watching other teams start from scratch…(see redblacks) and almost win a Cup) I’d say we’re definitely lagging with the time we have had to build a winner…You see the glass half full…I’m sorry I’ve become more cynical over many years…and until this team ‘shows me the money’…not a reasonable facsimile … Show me you’re willing to change (and it doesn’t have to be wholesale)my opinions won’t change…I guess I’m a show me type of guy after 25 bloody years. :wink:

The only thing that changed about O’Shea was he became more a cheap Winnipegger and stopped having weekly buzz cuts and decided to save coin on blades.

His coaching style still leans to stoic and indecisive when pressed into vital situations. That’s a fact. He can get really aloof - and none of the bomber assistants dare to stand up to him.

Uttering the words ‘We like our staff and are gonna keep it’ is tantamount to killing any viable season ticket campaigns. Fans can smell a stinky fish - and there’s no question Rich Hall has outlived his usefulness. I’m sure Miller has the football smarts to ferret this out - perhaps he can be an O’Shea-whisperer and gently tell Big Mike he won’t get years and salary on his new contract if he’s stubborn enough to bring Hall back.

Trouble is - who’s out there that’s better than Hall - and also wants to work for O’Shea/Miller instead of his current employer? Maybe Noel Thorpe? Maybe not!

Tom Higgins would be a decent choice as he’s seen it all and has a veteran presence in both management and coaching.

I’ll go Kreskin at this point and advance a couple years. The guy I’d personally handpick to be Hall’s successor (and eventually O’Shea) is none other than Ian Wild. Yes, he’s only 26 or 27 - but he’s injury prone even though he’s game solid. His continued nicks have also slowed him up - so much so that even with angle he was humiliated on a couple occasions by BC guys last Sunday. Wean him slowly - start him as a linebacker or d-line coach, then let him replace Hall. Remember, Bud Grant became the CFL’s youngest coach at 28 - worked out well for us, didn’t it?

......Although you're a tad too negative Lyle...you have some valid points..Your biggest one being that Hall has to go...I would like to see what a guy like Steinauer could do with our D....We probably wouldn't be given a chance to talk to him, as he has been prevented from doing so before...Maybe he could be pried loose now, however, seeing as the Cats early exited ....Who else is out there?? Thorpe (now there's a name from the past)..could be a possibility but another one that seems to have a team not wanting to grant interviews...Although I like Ian Wild as a player, I don't believe this team has the time to hang their hat on a novice...IF we don't bring a Cup back to the Peg in the next few years, there will be a few coaches departing.. :wink: ...So, in conclusion, I would guess almost everyone, except it seems O'Shea presently, wants a different D co-ordinator...I hope Mike O is wise enough to know that Hall's time has come and gone..

.....One added note....IF...BIG IF.....Maas (remember him, the recently anointed coach who like O'Shea was dwelling in assistant roles) takes his club to the Grey Cup with a wounded qb. or an inexperienced one and wins it all :x ...................................///I'm not going to go there yet, as it is still speculative..