odds and ends

does any other non als fan beside myself feel a little bit sorry for AC

does anyone think this is probably AC's last season

does anyone else think that Owens looks like the Rocks puny cousin

anyone know the difference between clipping and illegal block

can a hamburger beat up a hot dog

I can see AC being exposed in the expansion draft - then retiring if selected - or retiring right after.

Odd to see Montreal tied for second last in the league

and why won't the Al's start working on the next QB? once they where down 31 - 3 its time to let your back up QB start taking game snaps

Agree it is sad to see AC probably playing one year too many.

He should have retired on top. I don't want to trash AC but what did he expect with Trestman gone, if he wanted to go out on top he should have started to file the retirement papers as soon as Trestman was interviewing in Chitown.

No, because I'm sure when all is said and done, he can look down at the Grey Cup rings on his fingers or look up his name in the record book.

Marwan Hage, who's been nothing but loyal and a great asset to the Ti-Cats, both on the field for playing the most thankless position in pro football, and off the field with all the great charity work he's done now suffering knee injuries that are likely going to soon cut his career short if they keep coming up, and he hasn't won a single grey cup. He's a player I feel sorry for.

I'm not so sure AC would retire after this season. You think Popp would pull on AC's heart strings to get him to stick around another year so the new HC has a proven QB to lean on?

They need to look for an HC who has coaching strengths for the young up and comer who will take over for AC. Why hire a coach who has coaching strengths for AC when AC is on his way out?? Build for the future.

No I don't feel sorry for him at all. Look at how good he has had it and all the records he has. There are a couple of more he is close too and that is why he is still playing (kinda of selfish).

There ain't no hit dog that can take on a hamburger.

I don't feel sorry for him. He's been pointing too many fingers elsewhere for me to feel sorry for him this season. I expected more from him, yes he's on a pretty bad team right now, but he's also part of the reason for that right now.

If you were the new HC of the Als would you want to start the season with an unproven QB or a future Hall of Famer? Having AC around would give the HC some breathing room to develop a new starter if they at committed to doing that and not just riding AC until he can't go anymore.

Actually I agree. Now that Popp is one the sideline who will he be pointing the finger at ?
The offensive player that appeared to be playing one season too long was the now injured Richardson. Who after last years injury and entering his 10th season seemed to have lost a step.
The finger should be pointed at Popp the GM who has not brought in enough quality receivers to do the job. He grabbed Bruce which gave them 4. Clowney seems like he would have been the 5th but currently sits on the 5 game.
Again starting their season with Eric Deslaures as the 5th receiver on the depth chart import or non import.
They signed NFL free agent Clowney last season during the PR expansion but did very little to create more competition at the import receiver spots.
Since the London grooming and upgrade to starter Popp has pretty much sat pat with the receivers. Last years team also only had two return specialists to be back up receivers and Deslaures who was again 5th on the receiver depth chart.
Signing Bruce filled a starters hole and the un expected production out of Lavoi last season as a starting TE.
For Montreal's sake hopefully Clowney will be back soon of the 9 game.
Changes need to be made and free agents brought into Toronto Toronto created competition and had to let go some good receivers who would know this system. Toronto also acquired Canadian Receiver Millington on there PR.
The Riders have also left an interesting Canadian unprotected on the practice roster in Darrly Stephanson FB/TE like Lavoi a great blocker and also showed to also be a good receiver the last few games last season.
The season is not lost for the Als but they will need to find some more weapons at receiver

I think in the past AC made some of his receivers look far better than they were. Remember Thyron Anderson? Had a 1000 yard season with AC, left Montreal and couldn't stick on any other roster. There's always some exceptions, Copeland and Stala both left Montreal and had continued success. Right now I think part of the problem is his receiving core, and also a large part of the problem has been AC himself.

You are right on. Also I can think on $350,000 reasons NOT to retire on top. You or I would not.