Oddity about former Hamilton kickers

This is old news now, but has anyone ever found it odd how before the 2006 season we signed Pat Fleming to punt so Jamie Boreham could focus on placekicking, only to have Saskatchewan (and now Toronto) bring in Boreham to use him only as a punter? Meanwhile, Fleming isn't in the league anymore. I'm not saying Boreham was always a great punter when he was here, but it's sort of ironic to see other teams use him there while our coaching staff thought he was better on field goals (where he was mediocre).

He was (is) brutal at both...

Palardy is as good a punter now as Boreham was at year three. Full stop.

Last Fri. Palardy needed to lay up a punt just short of the west endzone when they elected not to try an FG. He did it nicely...

Boreham would have put into the Prince of Wales school parking lot (six feet off the ground)

4 years late on this analogy. Glad you got it finally off your chest...I guess.