odd schedule

Does anyone else find this year's schedule really odd?

I knew it was a little strange, but with the season starting it just becomes more glaring. teams playing with as little as 3 days off then 9? This is a 4 game a week league...it just makes no sense. Where did next week's Wednesday game come from? If the league insists on the Wednesday game why do the Argos play on Saturday and not Thursday so they have something resembling a week off? I mean seriously, on a hot day it takes a couple days just to re-energize after a game. In week 1 the Riders played on Friday, then Sunday...why not Saturday. There are piles of examples

The only thing I can think of is that they are preparing fans for the even more wonky schedule there will be with 9 teams, either that or they threw darts for some of the dates.

Any scheduling quirks involing the Argos are because of the SkyDome (I don't call it by its corporate name because I think it's a dumb one; baseball and football teams don't play at a Centre). They only allow the team access to the stadium on certain dates. It's the main reason given why the Labour Day Classic between Hamilton and Toronto was canceled last year.

I know the Ti-Cats sent out an e-mail to season ticket holders asking which dates and times they prefer for games. I think that was used by them to request certain dates (if you look at Hamilton's home schedule, most games are played on Friday or Saturday night).

I can't comment on any other teams, but that's why the Argos home schedule is so messed up and Hamilton's home schedule is dominated by Friday and Saturday games.

The odd schedule was brought about by the Bombers having to play their first 4 games on the road because the stadium wasn't going to be ready until the end of July. This forced other teams to alter their schedules too.

I can't speak for all CFL teams however , a crazy sched. by 1 team effects all of the others in a big way.

You can party blame ROGERS for this. The ARGOS have no control on what dates they get at all.
The JAYS come first and the ARGOS come last. :thdn:

In Winnipeg , they asked to start their first 4 games on the road because the new building wouldn't be ready until late Sept. , but now , that is all for nothing.

I see what you mean.

WINNIPEG , will have to travel from Edmonton to Toronto for their final road game [before they open at home] and play Toronto with only 4 days rest.
The only break that WINNIPEG will get is that Toronto will be playing on only 3 days rest after playing in Hamilton tonight. :thdn:

The schedule is out since february and now, in July, you find it odd.

Yes,the schedule is not perfect but,unless each Team has its own stadium, it will be/remain as such. Toronto does not play next wednesday because they want it,but because it's their only option. The availability of Rogers Centre affects Toronto and all other Teams. Same in Montreal whereas the Als cannot play on Saturdays,starting in early september.

I have no problem with the schedule and won't complain about it,since nothing can be done unless,as I wrote, each Team has a stadium that they control the availability.

Let's watch football and stop complaining about the shedule,unless you have a viable solution. Do you have $500 millions to spare? Would solve the problem.


The Bombers first 4 games on the road were extremely tough. It's one thing to be on the road playing in Saskatchewan or Hamilton, Toronot. They started off in BC, then Montreal, back out west to Edmonton and now TO. Allot of time in the air...

as I said
"I knew it was a little strange, but with the season starting it just becomes more glaring."