odd polling results

Sometimes, surveys produce strange results. For example, recent poll asks which teams have the best defensive secondary in CFL. Saskatchewan is overwheliming favourite? This is odd because Saskatchewan fans admit secondary is weak to average in 2007. Based on all stars, BC (4 western) and Toronto (4 eastern) seem to be among the best and both teams retain most of their players for 2008. Saskatchewan statistics may not be the best in lowest pass yards/touchdowns allowed, lowest pass completions or most interceptions. Of course, 2008 is a new season which we can only speculate about.

rider fans click 'saskatchewan' first and read question after.

this is why the 'green' answer always wins.

While that statement may be true for many Rider fans, it isn't true for this one...

I guess Third didn't hear... Whenever there's a poll involving Saskatchewan, the Green flood it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Being a Rider fan I'm still in awe of BC's larcenists in the D-backfield. That being said, Toronto has lost 2 of those four all-stars you spoke so highly of and the Riders have shored up the corner with the signing of Morgan. For my speculation, I'd put J.J., Davis, Frazier, and Morgan above anyone else in the west with the Bombers d-backs' tied for second in the league. Edmonton is clearly third if they can watch a shut down corner like Morgan walk, without offering him a dime. For the amount of patience they've shown Machipmunk, you'd think they wouldn't throw in the towel so soon on Omaar.


Last time I checked the Eskimos were undoing years of success with a lack of patience for the on-field product and too much patience with coaches and management. Prove to me that it wasn't jaded fans of teams like yours that used their head and not their heart to choose ... Oh yes, excuse me, I forgot that you can't. And even if it is like you say, we appreciate the acknowledgment that our strength is in numbers. After all, more people screaming at you when you come to town, more people to buy merchandise, more people to watch broadcasts ... I think you get it.


P.S. Ours is a nation, while yours is a tiny independent state within Western Canada.

Are you serious...? :expressionless:

ah yes, what a nation. Number 1 and 2 for top dangerous cities in Canada. For sure a nation to be proud of. yup yup yup :stuck_out_tongue:

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Canada

  1. Regina
  2. Saskatoon
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Prince George
  5. Edmonton
  6. New Westminster
  7. Chilliwack
  8. Victoria
  9. Vancouver
  10. Halifax

Ya we hard up over here! we straight killas. But no Rider fans first look at the question to make sure its a positive one then vote for sask if its negative most likely we'll vote for any other west team. But with Morgan back and Frazier healthy again in all honestly Sask probably has the best secondary now, The only ones who could potenially be better are B.C

Or me.

Yeah! Number 3! Number 3!

I'd be interested in seeing where that list is from, as its obviously refers to a per-capita basis. Anyways, anyone who's been to Regina or Saskatoon can tell you its anything but dangerous. Does Robert Pickton ring any bells? That was unfair I suppose as you are clearly not dangerous. But you don't really think we (Reginans) are all alcoholic knife weilding gang members who abandon our babies in the streets do you? You must have us confused with P.A.! Sorry jm02 its only a joke.


...an unfunny one, at that...

http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_20555.aspx [url=http://www.macleans.ca/article.jsp?content=20080312_162114_5536]http://www.macleans.ca/article.jsp?cont ... 62114_5536[/url]

Such is life, if there's a poll online involving the Rider it usually wins. If they put a poll asking who would finish last im sure the Riders would win that one too.

If it was a census or phone poll which is fairly accurate and asked CFL fans across canada I'm sure the results would be quite different.

As far as the crime goes, there are a few bad areas in both Regina and Saskatoon where the majority of the crimes take place, but by and large they are safe places to visit, much like any other Canadian city.

Not just Saskatchewan, look a little east of there and you can look back at that rediculous poll naming Khari Jones and Milt Stegal the best Qb-receiver combo in Cfl history dispite never winning a Championship.

what they should do in such polls is give people 2nd and 3rd choices. It would have given a better result.
I almost guarantee in that case, milt and khari would not have won.

I would give you that one ... if you gave me a big Go Riders Go on youtube???


not sure what you are saying, but I dont do youtube???