Odd man out

With Fantuz and Koch making a return who's the odd man out at the recievers spot?

My guess would be Nunn, Hill has been playing really good, but now we also have that Robinson and Baker guy.? Soo whats it gonna be?

Nunn out, Robinson out...that'd be my educated guess...

yup mine too!

Nunn they can't touch though because he's on the 9 game.

Robinson will likely be cut or put back on the practice roster.

Second thread required....

looks like Aaron Fairooz was released

http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=375302 <---last paragraph

with a lack of Canadian receiver talent I was thinking maybe Clermont has to be subbed out. But I think a combo of his abilities, special team play and leadership keep him on active 42 man roster. Plus, he doesn't get alot of balls but when he does he delivers and is reliable.

The import out will be Robinson. Dallas Baker showed up nicely and we did not trade away a good player like Mullinder to not see what baker can do.

Dressler, Fantuz, Koch, Baker, Getz and Hill are your 4-6 receivers. Clermont a very able backup and depth.

Not sure how that Fairooz name hung onto the IR so long. I guess he could have filed a grievance with players assoc and it was some rule that kept this name on the roster. Gald that name is gone.

We'll have to dump some practise roster receiver...........patrick brown maybe. But could be Barnes?

ya I forgot about Hill.

someone has to lose their position.

Koch is a starter but so is Getzlaf, Fantuz and Dressler.

Baker.. are they going to keep him as #5?

is Hill going to continue to play even with his 700+ yards?

see that's the problem, what do you do?

It is too bad Sisco has not seen much action. If he looked to be panning out they could make a big trade. Perhaps there would still be interest. I have to think packaging say Hill and Sisco could bring in a respectable DL or something.

ya, I dunno if It's worth getting rid of Hill yet.

it's tough,

Yup, if I'm the GM, I can part with Nunn and Robinson. Obviously I'm keeping and starting Fantuz, Dressler, and Getzlaf.
3 more keepers are Baker, Hill, and Koch. Keep Wheelwright for depth if I can. Now part of the trick is where to play who.
Hill has turned out to be a pretty good slotback, so I play him and Fantuz at SB. Dressler is just a given whereever he plays. That's 3 pretty good SB's. Baker is a must at WR. Getzlaf pretty good at other WR. Koch can be a pretty good spot guy at WR or SB. That's a pretty good crop of receivers. Have fun stopping all these guys, Winnipeg!!

Hill is a keeper. It is tough when we have these proven recievers, knowing other teams will snap them up.