Odd Comments From Taafe during Pre-Game Show on 'ML

During an interview played pre-game, Taafe commented upon the defensive strategies and execution on the last Calgary drive.

He complimented the ‘D’ - saying that they didn’t give up ‘the big play’ and that the defensive schemes held Calgary on that series.

If I remember right, if not for a Calgary penalty and an injury to Burris, it seemed likely that Calgary was going to score. We didn’t give up the big play- just 6 medium ones in succession. Our prevent defence didn’t prevent and it let Calgary march down the field uninterrupted.

We dropped any attempt to get pressure on the QB (which was something that we had just discovered (with Keith’s insertion) and went back to playing 5 yards off the receivers. This seemed even more than the usual coaching oddity of dropping into a defensive scheme that doesn’t work (the prevent). Both the execution of it and the actual schemes seemed very awkward… and scary.

Does the coach actually think that we played well and schemed well on that series? What was I missing as I watched?

I found his comments here odd. If I were him I wouldn’t have been the one to bring up the topic.

Comments from those of you who understand the details better than me?

It is very true. Watching that last series we were all having fits at the stadium because of the way they were coming down the field. I didnt hear the comments but yes you are right, there is now way they played well on that series. They made two good plays on the last ones, thats it.

You're right Mark.

And it's not the first time that I've been ... somewhat shocked at his seemingly 'absurd' and oh so repetitive commentary - post AND pre game.

Unfortunately, I've had to say it before - on this board, and now I'll say it, yet again ....

... this coaching staff, appears to be clearly in ...

... 'over their heads'. (in my opinion)

I suspect changes are a coming!

I would say Charlie is back if he wants to finish his contract.
I do think that Charlies past success, might have hindered his start in Hamilton.
2 years coaching, and 2 CFL coach of the year awards may make one feel invincible.
Maybe did not hire the best assistant staff, and figured that he would be able to straighten things out himself if need be.
His defensive coach is gasping for air, and his area of specialty the offense has been awful.

Lets hope he clears the deck a little this off season, and gets some experienced CFL coaches to help him out!!!

The team has made enough changes for this year. Lets give the guys in there a chance to learn from their mistakes this year. The team seems to be getting better and better each week. Either that or the other teams are getting worse. These guys are young and haven't played together like a lot of the other teams in this league. The season they made a TON of changes. Some good, some not so good. Last year we wanted a new everything. We got what we wanted. Now lets see what they can do with the nucleus they have and make it better.

I agree.