Octtober 31st vs Saskatchewan

just got my tickets for that game can’t wait for it going with a few of my buddies

It's going to be a good game but there's going to be ALOT of Rider fans there lol :smiley:
It's ok, they're my second favourite team anyways and i'd like to meet a few of them during the game so don't be shy guys, we heckle during the game but afterwards we're friendly as hell (unless you're an Argo's fan :smiley:)


Torn on this one.

Hallowe'en night. My kids have season tix as well.

Dilemma, dilemma.

go to the game man

Well be fun Dressing up .. I may go as Argo Coach Bart :lol:

now that is funny

It's a 2pm game. Nothing to be torn about.

My dilema is worse, I have the option of either going to see my favourite band (mushroomhead) play live at a small club in their home town (Cleveland) or actually miss a home game for once this year. Hmmm... game ends at 5, concert starts at 8... Can I make it to Cleveland in 3 hours from IWS?

Do you have wings?? lol

I'm taking the kids to this one. Should be fun.