October 8th Trade Deadline

Just thought I remind everyone that the trade deadline is this coming Wednesday. With a big win on Saturday nite, maybe Obie would make a splash for a late season run by acquiring a pass rushing end and maybe an o lineman.

Who am I kidding, we are going to do nothing and try to sign free agents in the offseason.

Only thing I see happening is possibly trading Lumsden.

What about one of our first round picks ? For a linemen or wr/pr

Mark my words: one or more of Williams, Printers and Lumsden will be traded by Wednesday.

I could see printers delt to The double blue team, Or the Green Machien I ponder who we could Get for him from Eather of those 2 teams, Perhaps a Star O or D line?

I could see Jessie going to Eskie’s, with his constant injury’s Im sure we could get an O or D line for him as well

I could see perhaps Tony in there as well Back to the double blue?

I could see Lumsden going to Edmonton and Printers to Montreal.

Really, how tradeable is Lumsden.

He's injured and will be a free agent in just a few games.

he can't be worth much given those circumstances

If Lumsden can start playing in a couple of games, I think at worst he would be a good "rental" for Edmonton's play-off run. I think he will end signing with Edmonton next year anyway. This would be like the Troy Davis situation a couple of years back