October 7 Postgame Thread

Please keep all 'general thoughts and observations' about the October 7 game in this thread. Thanks.

Time for a new play caller ....and i'm not talking about the QB!

Glenn played like crap. Need to find another starting QB for next year, O’bie…

Ok, I'll bite. Scott started this thread because...?

It was said before that in this must-win game on this October night, this team had a chance to show us what kind of team they actually are. Some might say they did show us what kind of team they are tonight.

That's about all I can say now. Here comes the talk about who to fire, cut, and replace as well as gloating from the Winnipeg fans after this.

Wow what a stinker, I think someone forgot to show up.

Say hello to an away playoff game and a semi-final exit, the thing that drives me NUTS about this team is the inconsistency, at least the Argo's consistently suck. These guys can look like Grey Cup contenders one week, and the next look like the bottom of the league! The next two games are going to be UGLY, who knows maybe Hamilton won't even win another game for the rest of the season!

This. X2

Pathetic, Pathetic and Pathetic.....did I say Pathetic...and Pathetic again. Bright spot Porter played well in his short time. Glenn proves again he is worthless time and time again. Kahari Jones whom Glenn replaced in Winnipeg proves why he never won the big one again. Where the heck was Taylor? Hell where was the coaching? What about Baggs, did he show up for the game, and Thomas proves his worthlessness again. Offensive line does not exist. There is no spirit or pride on this team, I would take BC's 1 and 6 start anyday just to watch them play the way they have. That's a team with spirit and pride, and Wally Buono. I'd have to say they are the favourites for the west.

We need a new coaching staff that I am sure will come with the new GM next year. As far as this year is concerned it is over whether they make the playoffs or not. This was the 14th game of the season, is Glwenn still going to claim the guy ran the wrong route. I saw the replays, Glen gave it away period. I guess I will cheer on BC as they have impressed the hell out of me and I like what they are doing.

coupe6652 wrote: We need a new coaching staff that I am sure will come with the new GM next year.
Is this the last year for Obie? I thought he was staying until the end of next season?

I haven't got a fricken clue what the hell this team needs. I've lost count how many times this team has looked great on paper only to show how useless they can be. I guess if I did have a clue, then I'd be a professional coach. But I'm not. Just a Ticat fan absolutely sick and disgusted with year after year of a lacklustre team. And every year they re-vamp...restock...rebuild and yet nothing seems to ever work.

Even this year...at times and in some games the offense and the defense look awesome....and then in other games...absolutely pathetic. WHY?????


This team is utterly perplexing and frustrating as heck.
This was the most important game of the season yet the team played with little intensity, and lack of emotion and execution.

The Bombers did not produce many big plays per se, although the execution and focus were there.

What is wrong with the Cats?
The D-tackles were leaking most of the game, Baggs disappeared, Thomas and Young were out of position one time too many, Glenn was off all night, O-line only showed up when Porter came in, receivers dropped catchable balls and so on and so on..

How can this team not be prepared for the biggest game of the year?

I'm pulling my hair out here... :x

You let witches off WAY too easy!

:D :D :D

I think I would prefer to be a Riders fan right now. at least you would know where the team stands!

Gloating Bomber fans?? Not from this one! We lost four of five before our win tonight. Nothing to gloat about. Yes we’re 9 and 5 but anything can happen in the playoffs. Hamilton is a very talented team and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see our teams meet again in the playoffs. So gloat? Not from this bomber fan, not until there’s a grey cup parade down portage and main! Good luck down the stretch…

Offensive line play was terrible.
Play calling was terrible.
Never getting the ball down the field.
The lack of the use of Terry Grant.
The poor play of our defence.
The D- Co-ordinator and his lack of "proper use" of one Stevie Baggs.
The secondary can't tackle and can't cover.
The Head Coach is a historic .500 coach who has been given lots of new talent by our GM and his staff. He still can't get this team to play better football????
All for now...but I don't pin as much on Glenn as some.

Yeah, no gloating here. I just hope this rights the ship on the Bombers season that was entering free-fall.

A voice of reason! Well done.


What's most disappointing about the 3rd loss to the Bombers is that it was the worst performance out of the three in the most meaningful game of the three.

They shut down the run game ,and during the 2nd and long situations no receivers were getting open.

So much for the "new found" speed.

This is where not having a mobile QB kills you. What happened to all the running we were supposed to see from Glenn this year?