october 4th

If montreal wins they clinch first place.if this happens and winnipeg wins we are eliminated. Do I get my playoff refund before or after thanksgiving(Canadian of course).

you probably have to wait until the season is over

if you are going to renew your season tickets, just put it towards that. It will make your seats look even cheaper and more enticing to renew

If the team and braintrust keep on heading down the present path the only you will see in the seats will be pigeon crap - no one will stomach another year of this bird pooooooooooop

i believe the deal is....you get 25% of on next years season tickets because we missed the playoffs this year.....so you have to renew your season tickets if you want the discount.

you have the choice to get the money back or apply it to next years tickets

will there be early bird pricing this year?

the only money you can auctailly get back is the money you paid for the playoff ticket. The 25% is only a credit for next year.