October 4th in Toronto

Looks like the Ti-Cats fans are showing up. Could crack 25-30,000 looking at the ticketmaster site.

Tickets continuing to sell more and more everyday I sign into ticketmaster.

Looking like a lot better crowds than the other games I was tracking at Rogers Center. They must hit nearly 30,000 looking at it.

Wow that sounds good I will be at the game and I will be excited to see a big crowd there. Just imagine if management of the Argos actually tried to market and promote the game or tried to create some buzz by showing themselves in the media.
Looks like there would be a big crowd for the b.c/sask game this weekend as well!

expecting 40,000 here in bc but I think they will actually get 37,000

Goin by the Ticketmaster site i'd say BC Place is pretty dam near 37,000 already. There's only upper bowl tickets left as the lower bowl only has a few single seats left. So you're lookin at 27,000 already in the lower bowl since a week ago, then they opened up 6 more sections in the upper bowl and nearly half the upper bowl is sold if not more as 2 of the sections in the upper bowl are nearly sold out and almost every of the front several rows of the upperbowl sections are soldout.

I would say right now they've probably already sold 37,000. That would mean they only sold 10,000 in the upper bowl so far and that would be in line with what I see on the ticketmaster site or maybe 35,000 minimum as far as already sold. So its very possible with a walkup crowd if more tickets don't sell tonight or tomorrow that you could be right.

Its really tough to say but 37,000 would be an awesome crowd regardless, I really hope they crack 40,000 tho.

The Argos game here is looking better everyday with no dark colored sections like in other weeks on the ticketmaster site and most definitely they're going to hit 30,000 I would say or dam close.

EDIT: I just checked the Lions page and another section is nearly soldout as opposed to yesterday so we could actually be very close to 37,000 right now. Very possible we could hit 40,000 here looking at the sales here.

Yeah, because a big crowd this week would be pure magic and would have nothing whatsoever to do with management of the Argos. Right, Rocket?

i gave never seen a tv spot or heard a radio ad to come out and watch the Argos

They advertise all the time on TSN Radio 1050, and someone posted this week that they were advertising on NewsTalk 1010 as well. I have heard ads on 1050 at least eight or nine times in the past couple of days. They also advertise all the time in the Toronto Sun - often a full page. Anyone who thinks they do not advertise is not paying attention to the media outlets most likely to attract potential ticket buyers.

That`s what i like to hear. :smiley:
i will say i despise their print ads. way too corny, i never listen to 1050 or 1010, only 680. maybe ill start at 1050 though.

i found this beauty, wish i could see these on the screen, or somethin to its likeness


You are right my friend! Thanks to the tiger cats and there fans coming down for the game. You can't be actually thinking that management is doing there job if they get a crowd over 25,000 for the game tmrw! You must not forget about all the other sparse crowds that they got for there other home games where they gave away more than half of the tickets for free.
Chris rudge= failure

its looking like the Horseshoe (I think its called) is like 75-90% soldout for this game, and many other sections are following.

How much does that lowest bowlish part of the Skydome hold? It literally has spiked big today from this morning when I looked. Even the darker colored sections have maybe 25% of the seats available at best. The upper bowl areas are selling pretty good in a lot of sections too.

Lets do it up Toronto!

turn out so far this season has been more than disappointing
im definitely upgrading my tickets next year so the more casual fan can scoop up the cheaper tickets, and to be closer to the action.

No, I can't possibly be thinking that.

Yes by getting a crowd over 25,000 for 2 home games this season is a total failure on rudges part. After winning the 100th grey cup last year and being the most exciting sports team in the city this year , the crowds have been terrible to say the least.

Lets hope that they open the roof tommorow night and not be cheap to save on the electricity!

Suppose to be pouring rain in Toronto Friday night. Are you going to blame Rudge for that to?

I will blame him if the rain doesn't come down and it remains closed! I remember he has done that before where rain was in the morning and then at game time it was perfect conditions and yet the roof remained closed! To lazy to tell the guy to press the button for the roof to open or to cheap to pay the extra bill for it to open.

Do you have anything else constructive to add to this site other than bashing Rudge? We get it already, you don't like him. You are starting to bore us.

The argos are averaging 21,300 fans so far this year. Five of Toronto's nine home games are on crappy nights that should not be hosting games. Give the argos a proper schedule, a football specific stadium and that 21K becomes 26 or 27K. The argos become profitable. Done.

Like I told you yesterday deerkeeper beautiful night for the roof to be open for the game. But I guess mr.rudge didn't wake up on time for the game to tell anyone to open it.