October 3 Postgame thread

Charlie Gaaffe :twisted:

It’s the talent on the secondary, not the coach

Lots of questionable decisions on a weekly basis.

Deep kick, or on-side kick....heck...how 'bout a half and half. Why? Dumb.

Freezing our kicker.

Taking the ball after FGs instead of returns.

Hiring Gibson.

All on Marcel. I'm sure there are more.

I’m not a huge fan of Gibson either, but when a team scores 35 points, they should win. How many points does the team have to score before we fans can feel comfortable? 40? 50? 60? How is allowing all those yards and all those points the fault of the OC? I know Gibson is hated by a lot of people around here, but to put this loss to last week’s loss on Gibson is ludicrous. Cobb’s fumbles and the defense’s inability to stop anyone is why the Cats are where they are. The offense has been pretty good most of the season. Why does Marshall seem to get a pass from everyone around here? He’s been just an ineffective as Gibson has, but he gets none of the derision that Gibson faces. I really don’t get it.

No doubt we lost because of the D. But I blame personnel, not schemes. I think Marshall is actually a good co-ordintaor.

Gibson is just bad.

15 points in the first three minutes last week. 9 in the next 57 minutes???

21-7 lead at one point today. Outscored 29-13 after that.

Can you adjustments?

7 of the 21 points came from a Glenn interception. Not Glenn’s or the OC fault. Just bad positioning

After the Saskatchewan game, he said the team would accept the loss and then move on to prepare for the "worst team" in the league.

The "worst team" in the league ate your lunch today boys.

No game is an easy game for our guys ... good teams beat lesser squads both at home and on the road.

We are not a good team.

We lost to the worst team.

That makes us...

Why doesn’t it work both ways? You seem to want to blame schemes for the offense’s problems, but blame the players for the defense’s problems. Look, I’m not trying to defend Gibson, I’m not a huge fan of his either. But I get confused by comments like yours (and I’m not trying to single you out) where Gibson gets ripped when the O falters, but Marshall gets a pass when the D falters. I just don’t get it.

We lost to the worst team because Edmonton took advantage of the team who has the worst pass coverage game. I'll expect us to play better at home

Ridiculous thread title in reference to Arland's quote last week.
All facets of our team (not the secondary) are working enough to win games. Of course we need to work on all of those facets and continue to improve and that's what we'll do, including looking at bringing in new competition for the secondary. (I base the last part on Marcel's quote that changes are coming).

Say what you will, but Bruce dropped a few easy catches tonight...He certainly did not help our cause!

The coaches are too blame -- specifically Marcel. I believe we have the talent, we just don't know how to use it. This team is going nowhere with the existing coaching staff. Today's loss to the worst team in the league was the icing on the cake....

you couldn't add this to the already "gotta get rid of Marcel "thread because...?????

Here's my fix.Release Bo Smith, sign or trade for an impact DB, spend the off-season looking for an impact DT (a Kerron Williams, Aaron Hunt, or Doug Brown kind of guy), sign a big and powerful RB, name Marshall HC (his D isn't fantastic at the moment but he has guts and he makes half time adjustments that matter.His mind with Hall's or Stubler's could be potent), fire Gibson replace him with the guy they fired from Edmonton last year, if Richie Hall is fired, sign him here if not sign Rich Stubler as DC, look for a more reliable 2nd string QB or try anyone else but Porter.And keep the roster other than that pretty much the same, total roster turnovers mean spending half of a season geling.

Because every one of these drive by some timers need the spotlight

Blame Tisdale
Blame Smith
Blame Cobb
Blame Marcel
Blame Marshall
Blame Mann
Blame the water boy
Blame the guy in row 3 seat 9

Why not blame yourself for EF sakes… are you that petty you need to blame SOMEONE???

Some of you people are friggen pathetic!!!

Must have missed the other thread....

The legitimate question that should be asked is :

Is this team underachieving ?

Seriously?Are you really asking that question? :lol:

If you are this team was labeled as one of the top grey cup favorites in the pre-season.Alot of people thought this would be the year that the Cats captured 1st in the east and won it all.A lot of fans on here were thinking around 12-14 wins as well as the grey cup.Bit of a disappointment so far, wouldn’t you say? :cowboy: