October 3 Postgame thread

This team is regressing and still ill prepared and out coached and out game planned not to mention the game time adjustments. The team also has to realize that Bo smth and Tisdale cannot cover anyone . The dumb penalties and poor coaching decisions too ...Twice they could have went for long field goals and another time the punter kicked it through the end zone when they needed a kick out of bounds..the last play of the game also was supposed to be a on side kick but sandro kicked it neither deep nor for 10 yards ..

overall our weakest unit is still by far our db's ..did anyone see thompson all over BRUCE today .

We have to bring in some DB's ..really only Dennis and maybe Hinds belongs ....Tisdale for sure does not and Bo smith ..never really belonged anyway ...

I think shivers is better than these guys ..i know there has to better db;s on other teams practice rosters etc ..

Stamps has afield day today and mostly against TISDALE...last week BAGG and Dreschler were wide open all night..

I notice edmonton';s plays involved picks etc but it's part of the game

Good teams also have a really good two point conversion play up their sleave unlike the play the called .

Just heard Marcel say this team is not a good team right now...and said we need some changes
He better or the changes will be him

Mr cool Marcel no emotion at all to set a fire under their collective asses
We could see Marshall down the road for 2011 and also make Danny Mac our Offensive Coordinator :o

Unfortunately Danny MAC doesn’t want to coach …

Mr positive Marcel positive cheerleader has to go and we have to bring in alot of DB’S for tryouts

Time to step in ..this team has fluttered all year and it's been 13 games now and

We will never win with Marcel at head coach nor with Gibson. We also have by far the worst DB's in the league .

I also think Glenn is an ok QB but not good enough to do what sat RAY today,

Like I said before lets' try to get Middlebrooks or Parker from the argos..either one would be our shutdown guy immediately ..

Marcel and Mike Gibson deserve each other. No imagination and that's saying something considering the offence put up 26 points today. I think it's very likely that those two boycott Baskin-Robbins because they firmly believe that everything should be VANILLA. Of course the defense was terrible today, Otis and Jamal don't look like the same players this year, and the soft coverage is sickening. Stala gets knocked out of the game by their safety and meanwhile Bo Smith dances his man out of bounds. Where is the physicality on the defense?

Obi-Wan THE FORCE IS NOT WITH US.............ITS TIME FOR A SHAKE UP............... :twisted:

Obie has to bring in some DB talent very soon, not more CFL cuts, it's very late to start bringing DB's but this defence is going no ware without better DB's. WAKE UP OBIE oops:

Interesting thought -- what would you offer in exchange?

Nomination for Best Line of the Season! Do we have a seconder?

Both were FA's in the off season. We could have signed one or both then. Instead, we chose to sign Shivers & Poole.

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Just sayin' :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


All of our defensive backfield Marcel and Gibson and three footballs.

What I might offer in exchange ?

I think our depth is now the Defensive Line but the Argos are set there .

The Argos could use a receiver and a QB . How about Baumann and Porter to the Argos for Middlebrooks .

But, what if the Argos insist on a receiver and a QB?

Ha Ha very good ! that is the first time I laughed since the first quarter

Thanks for the nod. I bet when MB and Gibson want some excitement they make plans to get together and watch paint dry. Boring play calling and nothing ever done to grab some momentum. These guys are so conservative they make Stephen Harper look like Stalin.

You mean the same Marshall whose defense can't stop anyone? I think I know why this guy keeps getting beat for Head Coaching gigs. This bend-but-don't-break crap doesn't work. Sure, the players don't help (namely the DBs), but how often does this defense go out and force two-and-outs? Almost never.

I'm sorry, but if these grown men, who get paid to play the game, need their coach to fire them up, they should hand in their pads. I don't want any player on my team that needs a coach to light a fire under them.

Bellefeuille hasn't been the greatest Head Coach, but he's a million times better then the last fool we had here. Considering this is as good as this team has been in years, I'm happy with the job he's been doing. We've seen 8-10 teams win the Grey Cup, and maybe this isn't a team that will do this, but I'd rather think we have a chance than go back to the Charlie Taaffe error... I mean, era. When did we become so spoiled? I'm not willing to accept this forever, but two .500-ish seasons are worlds better than what we dealt with previously.

It's not necessarily 100% Marcel's fault. We've been lacking the talent on our pass coverage to even enable the oppositions to lose control of the ball and rule the pass as incomplete. It's definitely not our offences fault either. Our pass coverage has been weak for awhile now and it shouldn't be a huge surprise either.

Marshal is the D.C. Not the Db’s or the safety! Be it Barker or Beverage, the Marshal plan is rusted out!!