October 24/09- Judgement Day!

I am looking so forward to B.C.'s game against Saskatchewan on October 24. My wife and I will be going to Whistler for a mini-vacation and staying in a suite complete with cozy fireplace et al. I do NOT want to be depressed going back home!

If everything comes together and the "right" teams win their respective games between now and then AND the Lions beat Saskatchewan on the 24th, the Lions will share 1st place with Saskatchewan- both will have 18 points. In fact, B.C. will technically be in sole position of 1st place on the basis of 3-1 wins against Saskatchewan. Of course several things will have to happen before "Judgement Day". And of course they will have to hold their position through the regular season.

If the past couple of games are any indication, though the past 2 games were squeakers, B.C. found what it took to win and the team appears to be peaking. Hopefully Buck can remain healthy and the acquisition of Lee will add more depth.

I would love to see a playoff home game be it the Semi-final or better yet the Final. If Montreal finishes off its season the way it has been playing all year they will be in the Grey Cup barring any brain farts or serious injuries. I think B.C. would have a good shot at taking them in the Grey Cup if the team is firing on all cylinders. :rockin:

Careful..... Earlier this season when the Lions played the 'Peg everybody was looking past that matchup too.

Umm first off ,since you payed for the place in Whistler can the rest of us join you????..LOL
Anyways i hope you guys enjoy your time up there.
You know we have squeak out a couple of wins ,but it also show this team has some charater. Coming into this season i knew we would be a struggling ball club with new personal. I still believe this team will make the playoffs but where is another question. My main concern is the offensive line and a killer instint of putting teams alway when we have the chance.

Can't be looking past Winnipeg. If the wind blows and it snows, anything can happen. I think our defense is much better than it was the first time their running game shredded us.

Focus focus focus! One game at a time.

....YUP,...that's what we're saying.....any chance we'll see Printers sport... :lol:

Printers is still listed as #3. Maybe if Buck and Lulay can't get it done.

Jamal Lee is getting reps at practice. You might see him on Special Teams.

Want a sure fire way to beat us Papa? Let BC get 9 yards on every first down play, because we can't seem to get that last yard on second or third down! Or better yet line your defenders up on the one yard line...we'll come away with no points! :lol: :lol:

....i liked the looks of Jamal Lee.....this kid can play...I would say that special teams is a good place to start....ya just have to be careful on those 'jolting-type' tackles....(see mike renaud) :wink:

OK.. so about the Winnipeg game... Mr Chris Shultz of TSN is predicting that Bombers will win because the lions are a dome team... Only thing I have to say to this dumb a _ _ Argo alumni is "hey didn't you actually watch the game last Friday... heck they weren't playing in Palm Springs... It was Edmonton and Outside!!!"

This guy needs to shut his mouth instead of making stupid comments.

I was at the game in Edmonton and it was damn cold. Lions played pretty well with the weather conditions. I wouldn't look past the Bombers this week. They've won 3 in row and want to stay in the playoff race so the Bombers have something to play for but the Lions will want to prove they weren't as bad as the first meeting. Lions seem to struggle in Winnipeg but I'm hoping for a victory.

Good Luck to both teams.

Well finally Lions fans and Printers-haters will be in agreement: If Printers sees the field its not a good sign.

Go Lions!

Sorry Lions 40- only enough room in the Jacuzzi for me and my wife...perhaps next time.... :frowning:

YoEleven...yes you are right. I must not get ahead of myself. Back on August 21 Winnipeg thrashed the Lions 37-10. Fred Reid alone accounted for 260 of the almost 400 yards gained on the ground! The last time the Lions allowed a single player to wrack up so many yards on the ground was back in '65 when George Reed rushed for 268 yards.

The Lions have to stop the opposition's running game. Their defense is strong but how does one explain what Reid [Winnipeg] and Cobb [Hamilton] did to the defense in games past? If B.C. can stop Winnipeg's running game then Winnipeg will have to rely on Bishop's passing skills. Bishop can be good but he is inconsistent and can be terrible when rushed.

I think B.C. has a very good chance of taking Winnipeg. I would love to see them pin Winnipeg's ears back and put them in their place.

I'm glad to see Paris Jackson and Aaron Hunt will be playing this Sunday. I hope Wally has enough duct tape to go around given that a number of players will be playing with broken bones et al.