October 15

OK! Did anyone see what Nanook the mascot for the Eskimos did to Paul Mc???? I was sitting second row at the game in Edmonton, and I could have drop kicked him I was so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had a wheel barrel and had it full of S*&% with a shovel and a sign that said for Paul McCallum's front lawn!
That was the least tactful thing i have seen from a professional football team. I was so embarassed to be an edmontonian! I hope we play edmonton again just to walk all over them.!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:

yah i was at that game it was pathetic that any person would do that. damm those eskimos now they must die!!!!!!

Wow, I am glad they didn't show that on TV, I think the esks ow Paul an apology

I was on some thread here a couple of days back and the eskie fans were telling me how pathetic the rider fans are for dumping the manure on his driveway (neighbours) . As if we all had it planned before that game had ended. Then their very own team goes and makes jokes of it. I am not going to whine about mascots needing to be regulated but they could at least show a little bit of class while pretending to be important.

Wow, just shows how riders fans ALWAYS find a way to complain about something. It's a joke, its not to be taken seriously, the mascots weren't trying to hurt anyone, just calm down...I didn't see from my side of Commonwealth but i heard it was all done in good humour, and that afterwards the mascot put his arm around McCallum....

Well Esks123, It looks like Mcallum and the Esks didn't think it was that funy either. The Esks issued a letter of apology to Paul.
Stuff like this is not needed.

Thats kinda like if someone had a drug problem, and the mascot walking around with a giant needle with a bow tie aroiun it saying to: whoever it was

Its classless to bring up things that happen off field. Or to single out players period.

It was actaully on CTV news the other day

Esks123, you need a perspective check. In an off handed way here is a compliment to the Esks. I thought they were more professional than that.